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Way to choke Michigan. They fell apart and pretty much handed the game to Nebraska.

On top of that, the referrees were absolutely the worst I have ever seen in any bowl game ever.

Just two examples. 4th down for Michigan with about 2:30 to go in the fourth. Pass play and the Michigan reciever is clearly hooked by the Nebraska DB. It was blatant, yet no call.

Then the last play. (Don't worry, you will see it) Michigan does the Stanford Cal play all over again, yet the Nebraska bench empties onto the field in celebration when the play was still live. An obvious flag, but no call, game over Michigan sucks. Way to rep the Big Ten.

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That game had the craziest ending I can remember for a long time. Like 8 laterals on the last play and a couple of them across the field chucks? Players, photographers, and every one else all over the field and all but 2 Nebraska defenders standing like numbnuts on the field -- just chaos.

The refs and the replay booth both blew but the game had to be the most intense bowl game from beginning to end so far -- a really great game to watch.

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