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Ya Gotta Love Sam


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Got a chuckle out of this, from the tail end of the latest Post bengals story...

This weekend, the man who earned the nickname "Wicky Wacky" will be back home enjoying the moment. Wyche wears a pacemaker these days and his doctors tell him he's going to have to make a decision on whether or not to get on a heart transplant list or not in the next 2-4 years. The pacemaker will probably have to be replaced at the end of this season.

His enthusiasm for the game and for life needs no replacement.

"I'm kind of hoping that if I'm going to keel over that I do it during a game," said Wyche. "At least I'll be on ESPN that night. 'Look at him! Watch this replay! Bam! Hit the floor again.' "

:lmao: But seriously, llve long and be happy, Sam.

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At some point I would love to see Sam come back to the Bengals staff in some capacity. Since he is one of the original Bengals from the 1968 team, and with his success here as a coach, I think there should be a place for him.



Sam is a member of the Bengals staff. He's the official bigmouthed say what you mean representative of all former Bengals! (Unofficial position of course)

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Sams been through a lot in his life. I remember ESPN doing a piece on him some 5 or so years ago and he was a quarterbacks coach for a high school team. I remember his having some layrynx problem and he couldn't hardly speak.

May the football gods shine down on you Sam, just not this Saturday :P

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Deep down, Sam is still a Bengal.

Also, the "you don't live in Cleveland" rant is one of the greatest of all-time.


I think that might have been the loudest I have ever yelled while watching any football game. I still remember exactly where I was when he made the comment. He was always a favorite of mine after that comment. Gotta love Sam!

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