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It's about GD time the Bengals claimed a division again. Been like an effing blue moon.

Now it's time for bigger and better, which has also been a long time.

And maybe for the 1st time the Bengals will be the best.

Right now, it looks like every playoff possible team in the AFC except for the Jagwires has got a legit shot.

Meanwhile......the Bills :D

I'm all for a total gutting of these underachieving bunch of blowhards, their brain-dead head coach, and all of those a$$wipe Billiever fans....especially all those a$$wipe Billiever fans who came here like a bunch of coackroaches last year with such great ingenious names as Willis Between Your Ears, Willis Up Your A$$. Willis in Your Mouth, Willis McWillis, Willis will Thrill Us, Willis is the next Doby McGillis, Willis is King of all the Willises, Willis will Killus....etc.

Not too forget the pieces of garbarge Billievers who showed up at PBS -- :finger:

And I hope Steve Tasker, that piece of sanctimonious sh#t, gets to do the announcing next week for the national coverage while his team gets skulled. :death:

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Congrats guys! :cheers:

blurple, what's up man....

nice whipping on da Vikes yesterday....

good luck in a couple weeks with the lions...they are tough!!!!!!! :rolleyes:

Yeah, the Steelers are pulling things together. I just hope that it's not to late. The Steelers D was awesome yesterday!

I would rather see the Steelers hit the playoffs flying the way they are then to just coast in like the Jags and Indy are. Records don't mean a thing in the playoffs.

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