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bengals and playoffs...


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If they get onto a roll, they can outscore any team in the NFL(including the Colts)If we continue to play like we did against Cleveland, we'll get beat in the first round. It can definately go either way. I believe we control our own destiny as far as getting a first round bye and home field advantage until the AFC championship( Denver will lose at least 1 more game) It's going to come down to the final game of the season against the Chiefs. If we win, we'll get that first round bye and if we lose, the bye will go to Denver.

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I think Marvin is sitting back with a great big smug smirk on his face knowing just exactly how to develop a team and grow them and have them peak at the right time.

Just look at the comments from Big Daddy about who was really running the Redskins! Look at how he runs the press conferences and handles (manipulates) the media.

I think that he is smug, sitting on a bunch of secrets about his team, letting them mess up so that he can build and teach and NOT reveal all the secret sauce to everybody so that they can get ready for us down the road.

Look at the moves recently, release Myles and bring in Body, Smith ready to step up for BRob, JJ and Luchey ready to go for CP, not that the injuries are part of a grand plan, but I think that all of this is just part and parcell with ML's grand scheme. He knows that he has a young team and they need all the time and snaps to develop.

In Marvin We Trust!

I love Marv-ade!

PS in 2003 when we were looking for the new coach, I was SO scared that Brown would either NOT do the right thing and hire Marvin, or he would and he would restrict the amount of control Marv had. Imagine my (and Bengalnation) delight when we heard that Marv had been hired and he had the necessary control!

The future's so bright I gotta wear shades!

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This is the great thing about playoffs, it can go either way. Both scenarios are easily possible. I'll just wait and see how the chips fall.

You should run for office. :P

Nahh, we don't need another Lib with power in this country.


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