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League 4 Play-Offs

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Bengal Boilers vs Haters

Desperate Derelicts vs Team Pain

The Tartan Terror came nowhere near making a post season performance. I blame Mike Brown!! Still, there's always next season, and until then there's always beer & whisky! :cheers:

Good Luck to all those folks who are still in the game - may the best team win.

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Bengal Boilers (9-5-0) vs Haters (8-6-0) - Boilers smashed the Haters in week 9 by the score of 82 - 58 behind 31 huge points from LT.

Desperate Derelicts (8-4-2) vs Team Pain (9-5) - DD crushed Pain 99 - 66 earlier in the year behind Eli Mannings 22 points and 24 from Fitzgerald & Boldin


Bubba Brigands (8-6-0) vs CJ4Prez (7-7-0) - BB was edged by the Prez in a thoroughly forgettable game 47 - 37 in October.

JungleBoy (8-6-0) vs. Bengal4Life (7-6-1) - JungleBoy swept Bengal4Life this tear 55 - 37 and 73 - 65.


Warlords (6-7-1)

Black Treacle (6-7-1)

Tartan Terror (4-9-1)

Carson is King (1-13)

To the last 4 teams - see you in my league next year (I hope!) BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA.

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SHOWDOWN!!! Final week's action:

SUPERBOWL: Desperate Derelicts (9-4-2) vs. Haters (9-6-0) - The Haters edged the Boiler Bengals 73 - 70 in the semi's to advance behind their Seattle connection of Hasselbeck & Alexander. The Derelicts blew away Team Pain 82 - 33 behind a big 40 points from his recievers (Boldin, Fitzgerald, & Steve Smith). In week 5 the Derelicts slipped past the Haters 73 - 61 behind the running of Kevin Jones & McGahee, both who've been cut. Should be interesting.

TURD PLACE: Boiler Bengals (9 - 6 - 0) beat Team Pain (9 - 6 - 0) in week 4 by the score 93 - 70. BB should win again, 'cause Team Pain isn't adjusting his line-up - he started Westbroke last week - who knows - maybe TEAM PAIN is now TEAM DEAD

- Hey, BB - you don't want to lose to a dead guy, do ya?

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