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Bengal Quiz

The Big Orange

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Take a guess at the following...

hint, they are mostly in alphabetical order (except for the 1st one since it has 3 answers)

answers at the bottom

Who (3) doesn’t go by his first name?

Who plays the trumpet?

Who is into riding motorcycles?

Who doesn’t have a middle name?

Who’s middle name is Kuta?

Who is the guardian of 2 college-aged cousins?

Who has built 3 houses in Honduras?

Who was student body president?

Who speaks at church youth groups?

Who enjoys skeet shooting?

Who won state in wrestling?

Who is fluent in German?

Get 1 right...above average

2 right...kind of a rabid fan

3 right...stalker in the making

4 right...you're scaring me

5 right...you have absolutely no life

6 right...probably collect spare pubes from public restrooms

7 right...consider this your intervention

8 right...welcome to our planet

9 right...back away from the site, dude

10 right...cheater (and this doesn't even count)

11 right...your last name is Hobson

12 right...you created Hobson

(Michael)Graham… (Raymond)C. Perry…and James (Washington), Levi, Duane, TJ, Reggie, Jon, Caleb, Deltha, Pollack, Schobel, St. Louis, Stewart

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