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Top 10 Favorite Current Bengals Players

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My top 10 favorite current (DPM) Bengals (DPM) players are...considering these criteria...play, role on the team, personality, attitude, personal experince (which is a lot for me since I've met most of them)...and anything else which goes into how you feel about a player. In order from least to greatest...

10. Robert Geathers

9. Odell Thurman

8. Keiwan Ratliff

7. Jon Kitna

6. David Pollack

5. Chad Johnson

4. Rudi Johnson

3. TJ Houschmenzadeh

2. Carson Palmer

1. Madeiu Williams

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A lot of that is there atitude. I just love that somebody on this team is so hyped in their interviews that they think we are gonna roll on both sides of the ball right from the get go.

Odell said that we now have a top ranked defense with the addition of Him and Pollack...i know it's foolish, but I suspect that he is itching to take somebody's head off.

And Pollack will be the leader of this D for years to come...a much needed, if not crucial piece of any defense wo is dominant, and something we haven't had since Takeo probably.

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A lot of that is there atitude. I just love that somebody on this team is so hyped in their interviews that they think we are gonna roll on both sides of the ball right from the get go.

Odell said that we now have a top ranked defense with the addition of Him and Pollack...i know it's foolish, but I suspect that he is itching to take somebody's head off.

And Pollack will be the leader of this D for years to come...a much needed, if not crucial piece of any defense wo is dominant, and something we haven't had since Takeo probably.

Good points. I really think Thurman is going to frustrate GM's from other teams (especially Tampa and Seattle, who took other ILBs ahead of him) who had LB on their lists of need and they didn't draft him higher when they had the chance. From what I hear, this man has made a seamless transition into the defense and this team with little difficulty and will silence everyone's thoughts of "What would have been" if Takeo hadn't left for Buffalo. I don't think it's too much to expect his on-the-field impact to be on par with what Corey Dillon did in '97.

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10. Langston Moore - Yes, this young guy wasn't supposed to be that much. We were all pretty sure that we were even more screwed when Tony went down last year and Langston had to step in and take over on the defensive line that was so porous that it couldn't keep our grandmothers from gaining 100 yards. Yet he came out and got the job done, actually improving over the artist previously known as Tackle Free Tony.

9. David Pollack - He hasn't played a down yet, but I expect him to be the fulcrum of our defense. His energy, his spirit, and his desire must prove infectious if our defense is going to move to the next level. He and his fellow Bulldogs will anchor our defense for years to come.

8. Carson Palmer - His time on ESPN and the highlight reels is here. In his second year as a starter, Palmer is poised to show he can be the next great QB in the league.

7. Rudi Johnson - Work hard, keep your mouth shut, hand the ball to the ref and just do your job. I love that attitude he has. Blue collar all the way.

6. Chad Johnson - If ever anyone was the face of the Bengals, 7-11 is. He has been working hard (or was he playing) all off season on the air to show a positive light for the Bengals and showcase his talent. Never afraid to say "We can and will win", he has the attitude we need. His attitude is infectious! When he comes out and says we are going to beat the undefeated Chiefs, his team doesn't get mad about him "inspiring" their foes, they get behind him and work hard to accomplish it.

5. Madieu Williams - Madieu WHO?!?!?! Who the hell is Marvin drafting this year? How many of you remember thinking or screaming those words? I do. But this young player showed he was worthy of a 1st round pick, and we got him in round 2. If he continues to improve, he will be the first perennial pro bowler to grace Cincinnati on defense since most of you were born.

4. Jon Kitna - What can you say about a guy who, after his best year as a pro EVER, sits down and lets the young kid take over the reins. Not only did Kitna step back and hand over the torch to the young Carson Palmer, he was the teams biggest cheerleader and coached Carson up by pointing out weaknesses in the defense and using his mind to help Carson use his gun.

3. Shayne Graham - After Doug Pelfrey, we went through so many kickers who you wondered if the extra point was a gimme or not. Kickers who couldn't hit a 40 yarder to win the game if it meant their life. I no longer worry about losing the game by 1 or even 3 points if Opie is behind the ball kicking for the win.

2. Brad St. Louis - Never really talked about, often maligned, St. Louis does his job well and keeps quiet. Without him, Graham doesn't get the perfect long snap to his holder. He may not be flashy, but he is just as important as anyone else on the team, and one of the best long snappers in the league.

1. Big Willie Anderson - What can I do to help the team win? How can I stay in stripes? These are the questions Big Willie asks. Others in the league may say "Show me the money", or say I have a boo boo I can't play. Big Willie says yeah coach, my knee is shot, but fixing it can wait until the end of the season. I can still play.

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1. Chad Johnson: Has the skills to cash the outrageous checks his mouth writes

2. Carson Palmer: From my beloved Trojans to my Bengals, born to be a star

3. Rudi Johnson: Rudiiiiii-Rudiii-Rudiii-Rudiii.....nuff said.

4. Brian Simmons: Who has made more big plays on D than this guy?

5. Willie Anderson: Ultimate leader who could have left years ago... but didn't

6. T.J. Houshmandzadeh: Great compliment to CJ, able to make YAC

7. Peter Warrick: When he is on, he is simply electric to watch

8. Madieu Williams: Ballhawk, hitter, versatile, and only in his 2nd year

9. Justin Smith: Relentless attacker who is the mold for defensive players on unit

10. Reggie Myles: I'll always remember him jawing at Dante Hall after a punt


1. Boomer Esiason: left-handed QB I idolized my left arm after

2. Corey Dillon: Met him and hung out, couldn't have been cooler, why did he turn?

3. Anthony Munoz: USC, I live across the street from a park named after him..

4. David Fulcher: I would give anything to find his doppelganger

5. James Brooks: Arguably the best all around back in the 80's (run, catch, block)

6. Takeo Spikes: Mean hitter, tackling machine, I wept after his int. vs. Ravens

7. Carl Pickens: Just throw it up, and this guy was going to come down w/ it

8. Jeff Blake: Shake and Blake Mania got me fired up

9. Tim Krumrie: Put on your hard hat and prepare to be outworked

10. Ken Anderson: Efficiency was his mantra, why no Hall recognition?!?!?!?

**Man I sure liked a ton of bad attitude guys**

Sorry for wasting all your guys time, I'm bored at work since NFL news is so slow right now.

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1.- Carson Palmer

2.- Chad Johnson

3.- Justin Smith

4.- Peter Warrick

5.- Kevin Kaesviharn

6.- Rudi Johnson

7.- Madieu Williams

8.- Matt Schobel

9.- T.J. Houshmandzadeh

10.- Willie Anderson


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1. Madieu Williams

2. Rudi Johnson

3. Chad Johnson

4. Reggie Myles

5. Deltha O'Neal

6. Tory James

7. Big Willie Anderson

8. Brian Simmons

9. Levi Jones

10. Peter Warrick

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It's interesting that Pollack and Thurman have already earned places on your list w/o playing a down, or even being signed.  That's not me taking a shot at your list or your opinion, just an observation.  Your thoughts?

I bought a Carson Palmer jersey (well my wife did) before he ever played even a pre-season game... so there is more to liking a player than their on feild production. On the other hand, if they don't do well, like Carson did, then I expect Big O to drop those guys like a bag of hammers.

Anyway, here are my guys

1. Carson Palmer - Gotta love his non-cocky confidence

2. Chad - Gotta love his cocky, but team-centered attitude

3. Madeiu - Gonna be the best FS in the NFL some day very soon

4. David Pollack - Totally on attitude and drive

5. Delta O'Neil - Love his athleticism

6. Robert Geathers - Made his limited time count. What's not to like about that?

7. Brian Simmons - Consistency, consistency, consistency

8. John Thornton - Some say he underacheived here, but he's a good guy, and plays hard.

9. Eric Steinbach - Gotta love the quick, down and dirty, hard working guards. Without him, we'd be saying... Rudi who?

10. Justin Smith - Again, say he underacheived if you want, but he's a hard worker, and a great run stopper

honorable mention - Willie Anderson - Best RT in the league

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Good point, Shankster...

However, I have a little more grace than Marvin does...like even though Caleb isn't in my top ten, he's probably top 15...and he certainly didn't produce all that well last year.

I just like the guy, I'm not sure why...probably because during the draft he was working at a kids camp, not glued to the TV like everybody else...which says to me he's a natural giver, with or without football

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1 and 2 are in order, the rest arent.

1. Chris Perry

2. Chad Johnson

Carson Palmer

Madieu Williams

Kenny Watson

Jon Kitna (didnt like him much as a starter, but as a backup hes great)

Bobbie Williams


Landon Johnson

Robert Geathers

This is the funniest thing I've read all day...what, no Quincy Wilson?

Don't Push Me, I'll only say this once, so listen up...I LOVE YOU!

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1. madieu

2. carson

3. chad

4. odell

5. chris henry

6. big willie

7. kiewan

8. geathers

9. pollack

10. c perry

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#1. Carson Palmer- When was the last time we didn't have to worry about our QB??

#2. Chad Johnson- Do I really need to elaborate ?? If so, please go back to the Browns board you turd.

#3. Rudi Johnson- Is he the greatest ? No, but I just can't help liking a good guy.

#4. Shayne Graham- "Shayn-o-matic"

#5. Tory James- He just plays, hoping for another good year

#6. Jon Kitna- Class act

#7. Rich Braham- Has held it together and keeps coming back

#8. Madieu Williams- Boy, he's fun to watch

#9. Kyle Larson- Gotta give some love to the punter who had a great rookie year

#10. Willie Anderson- Big guy, who's been around the block and represents !!!

I also like:

Simmons, TJ, LJ, Ratliff, and Deltha


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1. Chad Johnson - Can't ask for a better attitude from a top 5 WR (considering most WRs have huge egos). Like the fact that he has decided to mentor Chris Henry because he knows it's best for the team.

2. Carson Palmer - The Golden Boy. Finally a first round QB that will be everything a fan can want.

3. TJ Housmandzadeh - Went from 7th round pick and on the verge of being cut to being the #2 WR, and re-signed with us when he probably could have gotten more elsewhere. Plus who doesn't love the name?

4. Rudi Johnson - Everything Dillon wasn't, also re-signed with us for a very reasonable price. He's what every effective offense needs - a consistent runningback.

5. Willie Anderson - One of the most underrated players in the NFL. Has been a rock at RT position and while others bitched their way out of Cincinnati, Willie has stuck through it even though he definitely did not get the recognition he deserved here during the dark days.

6. Deltha O'Neal - I was thrilled when we practically stole him from Denver, and he didn't disappoint. Such great speed and athleticism. He showed a lot to me when he went from a dumbass coach turning him into a WR to regaining that pro bowl CB form.

7. Eric Steinbach - When healthy, he's one of the best pulling guards in the NFL. He's responsible for springing most of the big runs Rudi got (see Rudi's touchdown against Denver on MNF).

8. Rich Braham - Everyone saw the effect of not having him on the O-line. Tough as nails, has gotten a billion surgeries and still wants to join the Bengals on their Super Bowl run.

9. Brian Simmons - Most consistent defensive player in the past few years, no ego.

10. Madieu Williams - As someone else said, when we drafted him I said "Who??? Why did we not just draft Randy Starks?!?!?". Well, Madieu answered that question for me.

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7.)Jon Kitna

7.)Caleb Miller


7.)Willie anderson

7.)Chris perry

7.)chris henry

7.)landon johnson

7.)Madieu williams


7.)Keiwan Ratliff

7.)peter warrick

7.)Odell thurman


7.)brian simmons

6.)Matt schobel

5.)Rudi Johnson

4.)Justin smith

3.)David Pollack

1.)Carson Palmer

1.)Chad Johnson

It was to hard picking just 10 :P so I went with 20 ^_^ and it's a 14 way tie for 7th ^_^

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1. Madieu Williams

2. Keiwan Ratliff

3. Carson Palmer

4. Kevin Kaesviharn

5. Chad Johnson

6. Willie Anderson

7. Robert Geathers

8. Landon Johnson

9. Peter Warrick

10. David Pollack

We could do 10 - 9 - 8 - 7 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 points system and come up with an official ranking. This should be done on a weekly basis each Monday after a game and see it changes every week. I'll keep track of it and score it. I'm pretty well versed in Excel and can have it automated pretty easily. Have a voting period from 8 AM to 8 PM each Monday. There would have to no ties though. Just a straight top 10. I would rather have a set number and group of people doing it. If anyone is interested and would commit to doing it each week, PM me.

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Something about Langston Moore that I don't if anyone knew, when he was on the practice squad in all of '03, He was offered a contract (in like week 13) by two teams, one was Jacksonville. Even though he was on the practice squad and technically a free agent, Coach told him he would get his shot, and Langston stayed on the PS with the Bengals because of Coach and the fact he wanted to be a part of this team.

That's top notch.

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1. Chris Perry

Wow, whatever happened to that guy? The last thing I heard about Perry was just a day or two ago when www.ProFootballTalk.poo claimed almost full year after his injury he still can't run at 100% and hasn't risked practicing cuts even at half speed.

Fan favorite or not....I'm sure we're all shocked.

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Man im good, my first return to the site after making this post, and i saw HairOnFire was the latest poster in this thread, so before clicking on it, i guessed that he wasn't here to participate in the thread, but instead to say something about Chris Perry being my favorite bengal. Am i really smart, or is HairOnFire just that predictable? Maybe its a bit of both.

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