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I just got the Best news of my life!


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Today, my brother, who is 21, came over with his girlfriend. She's cool, we were all just kinda sittin' around, watching TV. I was on the computer looking at this site, and Ben (my brother) started talking about the NFL. (unfortunately, he's a Cowboys fan.) Anyway, she says to me, "Oh, so your a Bengals fan?"

Of course, I enthusiastically reply, "Heck Yea!"

Ok, so she is from Cleveland, but her dad is a chef who works down in Cincy. So she goes down there every week to babysit for one of her dad's co-workers. Her dad's co worker is a Bengals fan, and he has season tickets. But he is ALWAYS busy, and every week he gives his tickets away , or just takes his 3 and 6 year olds, who don't really care, just because he doesn't want to waste the tickets. So she tlod me that he would have no problem giving me as many tickets as I wanted!

Needless to say, I was pumped.

So, there you have it, Maybe I'll see you guys at a few games!

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