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A New Sport Gains Popularity in Cleveland

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A New sport emerges: Winslow Jumping

June 29th, 2005

Jonathan Williams

CNN Sports.com

Cleveland OH (AP Wire) Despite local authorities pleas that the new sport is both dangerous and hazardous to ones health, the youth in inner city Cleveland Ohio have started a local craze that is gaining popularity. They call it "Winslow jumping" but outside observers simply refer to it as speeding on a motorcycle into a bunch of tires and judging the distance that one flies. However don't tell that to the nearly three dozen young Cleveland youth that came out to last Saturdays second annual Winslow Jumping contest. Skyler Wilson the days winner summed up the competetion as follows: "My whole life I have always wanted to make a difference, and really do something with my life, something my parents could really be proud of, with Winslow Jumping I have found my calling." Yes indeed Skyler, if the 12.50 $ reward for Saturdays lunge of 19 feet 3 inches is any indication, I would say you have a bright future ahead of you in the sport.


second place finisher Biff McDonald flew an impressive 18 feet and 7 inches

before accidentally impailing himself on his fathers broken beer bottle...

2 days later he was stitched up and back on his bike.

However there are some skeptics of the new craze. Cleveland Sheriff Ramone Ortiz, says that the new craze is hard to contain and is potentially deadly. "So far all we have is a lot of broken jaws, missing teeth, fractured ribs, and internal bleeding, luckily noone has died yet thank god". But for the dozens of Cleveland area children the risk is worth the 12.50 $ which for some in this area could be a whole two weeks worth of pay. "My family don't feed me no more" said one Winslow enthusiast "This is my way to make it". Regardless of what side of the fence you are on with this issue, we should all agree that in an age of couch potatoes, where kids have lost interest in physical activity there are alot of worse things that mentally challenged Cleveland children could be doing right now than "Winslow Jumping", and for their sake lets hope the sport really "takes off"!


exclusive Video of a young man starting off on the path of the great Winslow jumpers before him

(courtesy of BlackJesus, feel free to copyright this material on any and all boards you wish, especially dawgtalk)

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