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My 2005 Prediction Thread (Part 2)

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Okay, so I realized that in my last prediction post I didn't think about some things that were fairly important when considering who will do what, so I wanted to correct my predictions and make my Definitive 2005 Predictions:


East: Patriots

North: Steelers

South: Colts

West: Chargers

Wild-card: Bengals, Jets

Playoff contenders who fall just short: Jaguars, Texans, Ravens, Bills, Chiefs, Broncos

(The AFC is too damn good...any of the contenders could end up in the playoffs, but I will stick with the Bengals and bump the Jets down to the wild-card)


East: Eagles

North: Vikings

South: Falcons

West: Cardinals

Wild-card: Packers, Panthers

Playoff contenders who fall just short: Redskins, Saints (again), Rams, Seahawks, Lions

Okay, I shall add more later if I need to...my girlfriend needs to use the phone, and I am her bitch. :)

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