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Heisman Watch


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Here are the final four and my thoughts:

Jason White - A legitamte choice. 40 TDs and 6 INTs are hard to look past. But if Oklahoma didn't have White, I think they'd still be as dominant, so I don't think he's even the MVP of his team.

Eli Manning - How could you go wrong with a guy named Manning. He's looked very good this season, not the numbers White has put up, but Ol' Miss is in the Cotton bowl and Manning does have a 147.5 QB Rating. The Rebels would have won the SEC if they hadn't lost to LSU, they both had the same conference record. <- my choice.

Larry Fitzgerald - No way! I don't think a sophomore should be in contention for this award. Also I don't think a WR should be in consideration. Pitt is playing in the Continental Tire Bowl. WOW! No thanks. He's touched the ball only 11% of the time. I think of the Heisman as the best college football player, there are other awards for respected positions which he should earn. This award isn't for a team that went 8-4 in the weakest big conference. He definately earns the Fred Biletnikoff Award!

Chris Perry - The only reason he's being considered is because his performance against OSU. Anyone watch that game? He wasn't that great, his line if anyone should be given credit for that game. Go away Wolverine. :angry:

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I think Manning should win as well. It's easy to put up big numbers when the whole team is top quality....But I think Eli carried his team a bit more than White did.

But how come no defense performers, or o-line??? I think the heisman award is a load of bunk... But then NCAA football is so screwed up right now what can you expect? :angry:

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