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I bet coach lewis was out voted


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Didn't Lewis say that he thought the Bengals should pick up the best player available rather than the most need? I'm curious, but not concerned. Either way, our offense is pretty good this year and we don't even have our future in the lineup throwing the ball. That's pretty damned promising. I'm sure Marvin will agressively go after D this offseason, it's gotta be eating him alive that his Defense is rather poor.

I also think our O line, despite the game against Baltimore, has done pretty good this year. Rudi and Corey are having decent years, and Kitna for the most part has been well protected -- We went through 6 straight games of giving up 2 sacks or less. Not bad. There's only been four games where he's been sacked four times or more -- that's not good, but from last season a huge improvement. We should get a center for ol' Braham and give Goff and O'Dwyer one more season to see how they improve from this season to next.

Our biggest need is the D-Line. We need some big run stuffing fatties in the middle and soon. J.Lewis's performance on Sunday proves this. This of course will prove the seconary to be better than what everyone thinks, while the Bengals force everyone to pass.

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Well, I'll add my 2 cents to this. I think that Carson Palmer is the pick Marvin wanted for the first pick, had he drafted anywhere else, it's a different story. However, the only pick to make with the #1 is either QB or RB, or OT...Maybe WR, but probably not. The person that Lewis wanted was T Newman and he went to Dallas at # 5 but you don't draft a CB at #1 the money doesn't work...So Marvin took the best option, and it also shows that he was thinking long term. Yeah he could have drafted someone to play right away, but with the QB sorted for the next decade or so it adds heaps more stability.

As for the O-line, well the starters are pretty good, but the Bengals lack depth, especially at LT. The D-line...A big ole run stuffer would be nice as well. But the biggest Defensive need is a shutdown corner, then you can cheat a little with the run stopping.


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O-line is not in that bad of shape. Levi and Steinbach look to be a great future on the left side, and big Will has a good couple of years left in the tank. C and RG right now are not great, but are functional, and most importantly, know the system. The most important thing for a line is chemistry with each other. 3 good lineman and two capable lineman is pretty solid.

I think with Braham's age, they should look at a young center to be brought along next year and take over in '05. Solid FA at RG or C would be an important move.

But offseason has to focus on D. I agree with everybody pretty much. I think we are one player away from a great defense at each group. We need a big space eater to complement the more athletic John Thornton, Justin Smith and Duane Clemons on the line. We need a big play linebacker who has speed from sideline to sideline. I love Hardy, but he just doesn't have the speed.

And we need a lockdown corner. We got good safeties, and good second, nickel and dime corners. With a great corner, we can play a lot of man-zone. I love Beckett and Kaesviharn-those 2 are always around the ball. Artrell might not be a great corner, but almost any team would take him as a nickel corner. And Tory is a great #2. Our depth in the secondary is great. We just need that one guy.

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