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Upper cut, upper cut -OR- body blow


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I touched on this in another thread and I am curious how others feel.

For the remaining games would you:

Stick with the Corey/Rudi shared backfield (upper cut, upper cut)


Go back to pounding Rudi at the opposing defenses (body blow)?

IMO: Our running game was unstoppable with Rudi getting the majority of the reps.

My vote: Body blow....Rudi! Rudi! Rudi!

However, in Marvin Lewis I trust!

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Come on y'all. Look at the numbers, now that CD is healthy he puts up better numbers than Rudi. In fact I thought yesterdays game part of the problem with the offense in the second half was not giving Corey the ball more. Rudi is a really good back, but Corey is a Hall of Famer.


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Corey is a great back, no doubt. It just seemed to me that Rudi was doing so much better when he got the majority of the reps while Corey was hurt. Corey ran for over 100 yds vs the Chargers and Rudi scorched the Chiefs for 180+ yards. Neither team is known for run stuffing. Pittsburgh does have a better run defense. The "idea" of rested running backs is, obviously, a great idea. But every premier RB out there wants 20+ reps per game to grove.

I guess part of it is that I am still disappointed in Corey's "trade me" nonsense earlier this year. Not what the TEAM needed. Big difference between last year and this year, the TEAM won without him.

Like I said, when it comes to the Bengals, in Marvin Lewis I trust. I'd love to see Rudi and Corey pound out big yardage this Sunday.

I'll go with Melissa Stark. Oh, wrong question.

I'd go with Melissa at any time! :D

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