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Bengals MVP


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Chick Ludwig ( Dayton Daily News ) had a great take on the Bengals MVP. He said it shouldn't be Dillon, any of the Johnsons, or even Kitna. His nominee for Bengals MVP was Takeo Spikes. If Spikes had stayed, we wouldn't have gotten Hardy, Thornton, James, & Clemmons. Without those 4, our defense wouldn't be as good, and we wouldn't have the record we do. So when you get right down to it, the person who has done the most for the team is Spikes ......... by leaving.

After I stopped laughing, I had to admit that it made complete sense. This is the classic example of addition by reduction. It was a great job by coach Lewis to recognize it and do it, and by Mr. Ludwig to point it out for us and put it into its proper perspective.

I have to agree and cast my MVP vote for TKO in recognition of his service to this team .... by leaving. Along that same line, does that mean that LeBeau gets co MVP or runner up ?????

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I second Larry...classic! Here's a link for anyone who wants to read it themselves...


I especially like the list of those prominent players who left: Spikes, of course, Lo Neal (Chargers), Cory Hall (Falcons) and Nick Luchey (Packers). Funny how NONE of them are playing for teams with winning records right now.

Like the old saying goes, timing is everything... :P

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