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Thanks Bengal Fans


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Well. I'm never a sore loser. The best team won. I thought we had it there but Kitna showed me a thing or two.

The Bengals have a good team.

I will go to the Basement with my Steelers and my Terrible Towel and wait until next year. Hopefully we can win the remaining games.

I will definitley root for you guys when the playoffs come around. But you'd better get rid of the Ravens first.

Thanks for putting up with my stuff and letting me hang out with you.

I am a STEELER to the END!!!

But you guys kicked our ass in a great game today.

You have my respect.

We lost.

Too bad it had to be this way.

Take it easy I'll stop by again!

Lambert 58

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What is this??? A prewritten concession speech? Looks like you must have already known at half time that the steelers were going down. Gave you a few minutes to prepare this concession speech eh?

While you're in the basement with your terrible towel you can use it for toilet paper. Looks like your skin isn't as thick as you thought.

Now take you whining, your crying, and your dying ass to the Steelerzone

CYA wouldn't want to be ya!

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Bring it on lambert, but I'm not helping you get to another winning teams' board. You gotta find it on your own and that's not going to be easy considering you still got the blinder's on.

I personally don't think the reality of this loss has set in on you yet. Tampa plays tonight, so don't use this page as a tactic to get back at me. If you want a piece of me, you gotta find me.

Get out of the winner's zone loser. And quit riding my leg. I can hear you snizzling from here, crybaby.

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Your team just got reamed. Are you sure you're not a Steeler's fan? Let me put it this way... debating with Lambert is like playing mental hopscotch with an airhead blonde. Sounds to me, you've had a little too much jack and coke just like lambert.

Must suck to be on your end of the playin field today. You got REAMED!

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tampa, I've been a Bengals fan since '79. I don't quite understand your post. All I said was that I liked lamberts passion for the game. I didn't say I was a Steelers fan. I am on cloud nine right now, I actually have no voice after watching the game. I LOVE the Bengals, I am the only one around here that does. Please don't try to flame with me, I'm just having fun.

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