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Happy Thanksgiving


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I know this is supposed to be abought football.....but i thought i would lighten things up a bit !!!

1- i am thankfull for My loving Family

2- i am thankfull for the freedom of speach (lambert)

3- i am thankfull the bengals are MY team win/loose

4- i am thankfull i can call all you guys/gals here MY FRIENDS

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jbengals1 - very nice. I was going to start this topic myself, so here goes:

1 - I'm thankful for all the obvious - family, friends, health, to be living in this great country, but mostly for my beautiful wife and wonderful 4 year-old son

2 - I'm thankful for football

3 - I'm thankful for Marvin Lewis

4 - I'm thankful for Katie and Troy Blackburn's wisdom and Mike Brown's wake-up call

5 - I'm thankful for Rudi Johnson because he made CD realize he can be replaced

6- I'm thankful for this website, so I can share the Bengals' Return with all of you

Happy Thanksgiving!

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I am greatful I live in the greatest country in the world. A country that would kick its' leaders ass if he abused any of its' citizens. A country with oceans, mountains, forests and a rainbow of different people. Sheryl Crow, Tony Bennett, Ted Nugent, jazz. Lincoln, Camaro, Harley, Caddy. All the bullies of the world wouldn't last one day in the USA. Their minds aren't big enough for all the independent thought and choice. I was going too say Osama is a Steeler fan but Osama isn't good enough too be one. Peace to all and God bless Boobie Clark.

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