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Bullcrap or Not?

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So apparently a bunch of players are getting suspended for gambling.


Four Lions players, including former first-round pick Jameson Williams, have been suspended for violating the NFL's gambling policy following an investigation by the league.

Lions wide receiver Quintez Cephus and safety C.J. Moore have been suspended indefinitely for betting on NFL games, as was Washington Commanders defensive end Shaka Toney. They can reapply for reinstatement after one year, though the Lions announced that their two players have been released.

Second-year wide receivers Williams and Stanley Berryhill are being suspended for six games each for mobile betting that occurred at the Lions' Allen Park facility. They did not bet on NFL games, the Lions said.

Separate from these punishments, several Lions staff members in various departments were dismissed last month for violating the gambling policy, a source told ESPN.

According to league policy, NFL players and personnel cannot bet on NFL games, the draft or any league-related activities under any circumstances. They also cannot place any bets while at a team facility or on any team-related travel.

My initial reaction is that this is bullcrap. The NFL has gone so all in on gambling that I can't get past the rank hypocrisy. YMMV.

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Williams and Berryhill getting suspended for betting on NON-NFL GAMES, simply because they were in an NFL facility is absolute horseshit.

I agree with you too Hoosier in that the NFL and owners are getting balls deep and running a train on gambling, but will suspend anyone who gambles for 6 games to a year.  I get the concerns with having NFL players betting on NFL games, but the NFL wasn't concerned with that when there was money to be made.

Why can't a player sitting in an NFL facility place a bet on a baseball game?  Am I missing something there?

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Eh,  no problem with suspensions at all.    I don't care what gambling partnerships the league is profiting off of.  People tend to forget the players/owners are partners in the revenue pool and have agreed how to split it up.

Reference the NBA ref (in his view) was just providing gambling picks based on his knowledge of the game.    He went to jail and his picks were going all the way up to mob bosses.    Of course Pete Rose.    Pete ultimately got in so deep he supposedly had to start "betting" on his own games.   I can't remember if that NBA ref was "giving picks" on his own game or not (I think it was).   Then there is always the rumors about Jordan's dad.   

I also think Mike Vick dog fighting suspension was more about gambling than animal cruelty.   You can get in the hole pretty damn betting on dog fights. 

Whatever the rule is, its there to protect the league and players.  

The league has all kinds of alcohol related rules and suspensions over the years.   Yet they aren't saying no to that revenue and the majority of players would not want them to.   


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I get you don’t want players gambling on NFL games and certainly not their own.  However, the sheer stupidity of suspending a player for betting on some other non-NFL game just because they are in the facility is just ridiculous.

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