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Bengals and the 2022 Trade deadline


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I saw an article suggesting we could trade Carman

My initial reaction was:  "for what?  pocket lint?"

The article itself was pretty much garbage

All that aside, The Eagles went all in getting a premium pass rusher.   I think we should go all in during the New Guy Rookie Contract window as well

Question is, what should we be looking for?

Personally, I'd prioritize man/press cornerback and/or 3 down running back.  More pass rush couldnt hurt from any spot.  Possibly a 3-down coverage linebacker.   

what do you all think?

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agreed about Carman reclamation.  I mean, Ogbeuhi is still earning an NFL salary right now, and Carman is arguably better than him.  It'd be nice to get lets say a conditional 7th for Carman, but I think even that would be more than anyone would be willing to pay for a player we surely will cut no later than the coming offseason

I think the Bengals could still pick up a star player for the playoff run and do some creative contract-crafting to stay under the cap.  It is admittedly unusual for them to have such a small amount of cap room as they do right now

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well, lets say there is a solidly good FA WR out there on the last year of his contract

wouldnt you be willing to absorb his remaining salary this year to compensate for the loss of Griddy for a few weeks then have receiver depth going into the playoffs during this brief superbowl window we are in?

we're seeing Burrow and 4 WRs a LOT more than I expected, to be sure.  5 even, sometimes.

oh also, that player would then be our player for purposes of determining comp picks - if he's decently good, we pick up a 5 or a 6 the following year

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