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Counting down until Home Opener

September 11, 2022 vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Game Dey!!!

Week 2: Bengals @ Cowboys


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Mixon/RB carries in terms of yards; see if you can guess where 2nd half comes in.   Why they don't open the game like this is beyond me.


I'm not sure when they started to bring in Smith as the extra tackle but I first noticed it in the 2nd half.    Anybody could see La'el Collins vs. Watt and know he had no chance vs. Parsons.    Did they start the game off with bringing the extra tackle?   Did they chip with a TE?

From my vantage point they still left tackles out on an island most of the time.   Why not open the game like this? 

You would think a first half TD and 0 sacks wouldn't be hard to ask from this group, but it is. 



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9 hours ago, HoosierCat said:

Yes, that does sound like a good idea, Joe. Maybe you could mention it to our offensive masterminds on the sideline…

Actually sounds like a bad idea.   Big play hunting against Tampa 2 is a bad idea.    That's why teams have played it for decades.    You have to beat it running the ball.   Being patient underneath and attacking seams.

Teams are not going to move off that until they do. 

If Joe thinks he's getting protection long enough to confuse two deep safeties and start hitting these huge plays.   He'll probably suffer more hits, Ints, and maybe get 1 big play out of it. 

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The thing is this is nothing new in football other teams figure out there weakness is and use it. For some reason this team is not fixing or figuring out how to fix it. It’s infuriating how talented this team is and they can not figure out how to fix this problem. Other good coaches and QBs figure out the problem in game and adjust before the 4th quarter before it’s to late, no this team figures it out after the game and continues to do the same thing next game. Guess these guys figured it worked for there super bowl run that it should work now.

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55 minutes ago, HoosierCat said:

All of this.



Yep need to run the ball via Tampa 2.    They've seen alot of Tampa 2 looks and are up and down in the run game when they should be dominating.

Simply why PFF grades can be only taken so far.    Interior line is as much a problem as tackles.    None of that group is very good so far.


To clap back at Tony a little.   Tampa 2 is named after the Warren Sapp years which is back before Tony played so yeah, it is rocket science.    Considering teams are wheeling it out to slow some of the best QBs in the game today still.



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Hopefully link comes through.   Simply an example of why PFF isn't the be all end all.

1. Collins - beat

2. Mixon screwing up

2. Ball could be out twice.

This is simply lack of reps.   Plain and simple.     Several failure points of self inflicted errors.


Then there is Bengals.com in depth coaches view on Parson's sack Sample is moved inside and tells LC.   LC for whatever reason didn't get the memo and blocks like he has Sample helping him.

Again it was dumb of this coaching staff to think you could inject 4 linemen not play them and have them perform well early in the season.   In the case of Collins he had what 3 full go practices?

I love Joe Burrow, but based on some of these film breakdowns he is passing up open plays and his hesitations is a negative for the offense.  I'd would say the unthinkable has happened and the pass rush is finally getting to his head.




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Yea Joe looks to be playing scared right now and he is not right. On Twitter Goodberry has some good insight as well, even last year the pressure and sacks were just as bad, but yet Burrow was hitting the wide open guys, and making the throws. This year it looks like guys are open, but Burrow is pulling the ball down to move or run. He is not right, but hopefully if the line starts holding up he will get back into his groove again. 

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