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Counting down until Home Opener

September 11, 2022 vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Game Dey!!!

Training Camp Thread 2022

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not childish


the MAX allowed outside the stadium is 1250.


By opening the stadium they were able to accommodate almost 30,000  people. FOR FREE. No one had to pay a ***damn dime if they didn't want to.    they've had that event for over 15 years. I've enjoyed it in the past. For free. There is nothing cash grab about it. No one was forced to go. No one was forced to spend money. They could literally go FOR FREE. I don't understand your angle here. 


the only difference from yesterday to all the other times they've held it is that almost 30,000 people wanted to go. 

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I understand Army's angle.  I don't know if I'd call it a money grab but it is a marketing event.   This weekend was coordinated league wide for back together Saturday.

It is born out of the old intra squad scrimmage weekend that was always the best training camp day to go whether it was a Wilmington or Georgetown.    It drew larger crowds than your normal training camp day and thus media covered it.

The scrimmage weekend died under Lewis and went to what they called a "mock" game.  Teams league wide do not hit a lot or scrimmage much anymore and now I don't think they even do a "mock" game.   But the league/team still wants the attention despite the original draw of actual football not being there anymore. 

The league has the same problem with Preseason games, IMO.  At one point they served a purpose.  People were interested in them.  They watch.   The games serve no field purpose anymore, IMO.    The league can't forego them because there is a bunch of tv/radio money in them.   Unless they can get the NFLPA to a agree to 20 games regular season.   The entire preseason is a marketing event.   There is probably a handful of jobs on the line and you don't need practice games to figure it out.


I went down on Friday.   Big crowd.  Boring as hell but I still love to watch them do the drills.    ZT has a different way of doing things.   I love the timed segments.  First time I can remember any coach doing that.   I might try to go this week when the pads are on.

But if they ain't hittin and you are bringing 30K to a stadium or 2K to the practice fields.  There's only so much you can do, IMO, to entertain.   


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Saw a video on McPherson 65 yard kick.    The guy caught the ball in front of the stadium wall.   I don't think it is stretch to say 70 yards is in his wheel house in those conditions. 

I mean a 70 yarder would be the other 40?  So the ball would be at 48?   I don't think it is something you'd want to attempt other than end of half or game situations.

Problem is that Burrow always like to throw TDs at the end of halves.  Selfish player really. 

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Again, it's neither here nor there.  I was just giving my perspective on what I felt was a good time.
Agree or disagree is really of little consequence.

I thought it was great when they let him go out there and put on a show for the crowd.
I was video taping at the time and caught both the 60 and 65 yard bombs.

Agree, we will probably go down for more before the games kick off.
Looking forward to the first preseason game as well.

Love that the Hall of Fame game is this Thursday already.
Won't watch the whole thing, but will certainly tune in for a while and enjoy football being back on.

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Well, it sounds to me that the issue was that they weren’t prepared for such a big crowd, which I suppose is understandable. After all, there have been years when they haven’t been able to get 30k people to come to an actual game. It’s a stumble for a team that has otherwise been doing a much better job with fan engagement/experience over the past year or two. Hopefully they will learn from it.

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There was a point where the fans, who were hanging around without room to find a seat, simply moved the barriers to the club level steps and flooded those seats.  Then security had to come up and get everyone out of the seats and back down to the field level.

With some solid planning, they could have really made that a bigger event.  From my understanding there were many fans that were pissed off that they put a limit on the tickets.

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I can understand the limit since opening the whole stadium up would require a full crew of security, ushers, concession workers, etc., which would cost a bunch of money. Tough to do when tix are free.


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The ticket limit is neither here nor there for me either. I could go, like I did, or not. My take is if you are going to do something, make it a really good event. Staff yelling and cussing at fans, which in turn returned the favor, isn’t something they were probably looking for. Just need to plan it out better. That’s all.

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Tons of good vibes from camp so far. I have been hearing good-to-glowing reviews for:

Hayden Hurst
Dax Hill
Cam Taylor-Britt
Zach Carter
Jonah Williams
Joseph Ossai
Alex Cappa

That's just off the top of my head. There hasn't been much on the negative side at all. Eli Apple and Chidobe Awuzie have had some trouble keeping up with Ja'Marr Chase, but, well, he's on the short list for best receiver in the NFL. Brandon Allen has had some dopey moments, but he's also had some good throws. The boys seem like they are ready to roll, and there's no immediate evidence of Super Bowl downers.

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