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Counting down until Home Opener

September 11, 2022 vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Game Dey!!!

2022 General Free Agency Thread

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Alabama lost two WR's.  Metchie and Williamson.  I think one in the SEC Championship and one in the CFP semi final.
Both were considered first rounders before their injuries.  Not that I really care because they won't fall beyond the 2nd at worst.

I have no intention of taking a WR that early considering our roster.  Back end ??  Sure, but look to round 4 at the earliest for that.
Dude needs to have a role in the return game as well.

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I think it simply depends on what happens with free agency.
If they pick up an o-lineman or maybe a CB or whatever else they may feel is a need, then it changes things with the draft.

As we can see with CJ going down, the option after him are next to nothing and he's a free agent (although I see him back here).
I would little issue (depending on FA again) in considering a TE in the 2nd or 3rd round.  It HAS to be upgraded.

WR is no different in that I see them needing to upgrade the depth behind Chase, Higgins and Boyd.
If they do that in the 4th or even the 3rd if they are targeting a player, than I will be good with that.

Mind you, I don't have WR in my top 3 positions of need, but there's a lot more to consider.
Since we are talking returners (I'm super big on getting one) I would have NO issues with Marcus Jones, CB, Houston

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Although I dont like reaching in general, I think the future needs of protecting New Guy merit reaching a bit.


Not just OG and OT.  Hopkins getting up there in age and the Georgia center doesnt seem to be the guy.  Preferably they can get a heir apparent for Hopkins who is versatile enough to also play OG - almsot a necessity that every OL player be able to play at least 2 spots. 

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Not being funny at all, but there would need to be a definition of "a bit".
Are we talking about a guy where they have 5 guys rated higher?  10?  More?
If it's close and you need an o-lineman, great.  If you reach for a guy while having 10 others rated above him, I'm not so sure.

I think this is where teams make a mistake and miss on talent.
For example, do you reach in the 1st and take Kinnard over players like Winfrey or McBride?
That's just throwing names out there and I don't really know.  Maybe they do, I just don't think it's smart unless it's close.

Please don't get me wrong, I've said it many times, all in on o-linemen. 
Just don't be dumb about it.

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So I see that Alvin Kamara was arrested for battery after the Pro Bowl.


Remember when all these stories would come with a whole fleet of snarky tweets and articles about how said arrestee "would be a Bengal next fall"?

Man it's so nice not to hear that shit any more.

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3 hours ago, Stripes said:

Free agency will dictate draft needs.

not exactly

free agency is (or should be) about protecting New Guy in 2022 and perhaps 2023

He'll still need to be protected beyond that. 

Well beyond that, I hope.

That is where the draft comes in, or should come in

I get that when the Bengals failed to sign an OL of note in FA this past spring they turned to the draft for immediate help.....but it shouldnt be that way, except maybe at spots where you're only gonna keep one player, like K or P

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Oh dear lord. 

C'mon Mem, you know I know of these two players.  

I am Mr Gimme a Lineman

Reiff was last ditch and was average at best

Spain was also signed late, and few if any thought he'd play as well as he did this season

I am talking about players like Scherff, and my point was that knowing that they didnt do enough in FA in terms of the OL, they were compelled to select OLs high and often in the draft with the intent of them (at least oen of them) playing immediately - which didnt work out well, in terms of the OL players taken.  Carman has been the best of the three and he is at best wildly inconsistent.  Now Carman might well become a great player with 2-3 years seasoning.  The draft is in this way best used for the future. 

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Ok, I will give you my other thoughts on the free agency aspect as well.

Take a look at the o-line free agents that may (or may not) be available when free agency starts.
This is for everyone, not targeted at any one poster.

There aren't many to like.  Let me rephrase.  There aren't many I like.
Sure there is Scherff, but he's not young, coming off injuries and i'm not sold the Bengals will pay an OG a hefty paycheck.
There are a ton of guys in their 30's and contemplating retirement.  Then there are next tier guys.

Who's to say that Carmen doesn't come back in year 2 a much improved version of himself and a better option?
I'm not suggesting they shouldn't try, but again I simply don't want the team to be dumb about it.
While on one hand I don't want to see Burrow getting sacked 50+ times in 2022, the other thought is he took this shit heap to the Super Bowl.

Don't over reach, don't over pay, don't take lesser guys when you could take an impact player at another position.
As much as we needed o-linemen last draft and even knowing Slater is a pro bowler, you don't give up Chase to get him.
They had Chase rated higher and stuck to their rankings.  I'm good with that.

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If I am the Bengals FO, I dont gamble on "maybe Carman will be better"

even if Pollack says he will be better with 100% certainty

I pay the money to an OL who has already proven that with him in place my QB will get hit less, and I take it as assumed that a QB who is hit less has a better chance to stay healthy

thats ultimately what I am investing in.  a Better chance I have a healthy qb

Chase is good.  I like him.  A ton.  But a healthy Burrow is what makes it all go, and so I place a higher value on a healthy Joe just about any other personnel decision

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Again, I’m not suggesting they put all their chips in Carmen. I think they should hit o-line in free agency and the draft. Can’t allow Burrow to get hit 50+ times in 2022.

However, don’t over value a position in the draft and pass on higher rates players. Don’t overpay a 30+ free agent that has injury issues.

And please please please don’t forget this shitty o-line is playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday.

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I think you deal with it the same way you dealt with the DB the last two seasons.  You don't sign the mega contract, you sign multiple good contracts with young guys with upside.  Instead of Scherif for 18 a year, you sign Connor Williams and Morgan Moses for 9 each and then you draft more besides.  I am intrigued by Will Hernandez who has been a bit of a bust at NYG but he is young cheap and has a ton of potential.

For the draft just don't go into it thinking you have to draft a guy first, let the draft come to you (unless you think you can trade for Linderbaum, in which case do that).  If you take James Daniels and Morgan Moses and you draft Zion Johnson or Trevor Penning, that sets you up long term.

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I will admit that they have had a really, REALLY good two years of drafting and free agent shopping.  Far more hits than misses.

The only real miss I know of has been Waynes, and had he not been near-permanently injured he might have been a hit as well.  We'll never know, as I dont see him returning in 2022

These last two drafts have been among the best the franchise has ever had.......and I do mean ever.

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Faalele is an interesting guy, you don't see guys like that, that can move very often.  Minnesota will pull him at 6'9" 387 lbs.  He was very inconsistent, great game against Purdue and West Virginia, terrible games versus Bowling Green and Illinois....I would rather take Raimann from Cent Mich, Penning from UNI, Zion Johnson from BC, or Green from Texas A&M and likely one of those guys will be available at #32.

And if one of the top CBs or Devin Lloyd drops to us I would consider waiting until the second for oline provided we fill immediate holes via free agency (Guard and Tackle)

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