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Counting down until Home Opener

September 11, 2022 vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Game Dey!!!

Divisional Weekend: Bengals @ Oilers

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3 hours ago, Wraith said:

A win by the Steelers would meant a trip to Buffalo...I was rooting hard for KC

I can see why no one wants a piece of the Lofabuffs but I think at this point we just need to beat whoever gets put in front of us. For me at least, it's all or nothing, I won't be happy with anything less than a trip to the Super Bowl. I've been predicting we would make it to and lose in the AFCCG but I won't even be happy if we manage that. Give me everything, give me anyone!

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42 minutes ago, membengal said:


And so we learn that nothing means anything and we can't predict the future with the past in the NFL. Nice round up though!

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3 hours ago, AMPHAR said:

Eh,  SOS analysis is the most overrated conversation in the NFL.   It’s a closed loop system.   When and where you play a common opponent is way more important.  



that isn't strength of schedule analysis. It was literally someone looking at who we had played in common and how it came out. it came out pretty even - we stumbled against the same teams, weirdly enough. 

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The Bengals are 6-1 this season when they score first. (Packers loss)

Zac, note to self... score first against the Titans Saturday.

Brothers, I am already so amped for this Saturday I can't stand it.
Considering heading down to Nashville, but odds aren't in our favor to make it.
My son and I will be screaming at the TV just as loud if it doesn't happen.

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What has been overlooked, the Bengals have some monster 3rd quarter drives that just eat clock.    They need to put scoring pressure on the Titans in the first half hopefully converting some running attempts into Tannehill pass attempts (of course defend those).    Then hopefully uncork the monster 3rd quarter drive to get or extend the lead.

That would put the Titans in a bad spot.   This all predicated on not allowing the huge run gains holding the average per attempt is also key. 


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