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Week 4: Jaguars @ Bengals


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17 minutes ago, Stripes said:

Classically, the game has all the makings of a letdown.

I don't really believe in those things, but nonetheless the Bengals will have to take care of business and prove it.

Prime time. Crowd will be unhinged. Ring of honor game. Not gonna be a letdown in this one. 

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17 minutes ago, Wraith said:

Our offense needs to find it's rhythm in the next three games.  Jax, GB, and Det all rank in the bottom third of the league in passing yards allowed, sacks, and passer rating against through three games.

Yup. Huge opportunity. Good teams get it done.

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Jacksonville is bad, but they've been doing some things well:

6th in the NFL in yards allowed per carry rushing at 3.4 (Bengals 5th at 3.3). They've also allowed the third-most rushing touchdowns though (5). Get Mixon into goal-to-go situations.

5th in the NFL in yards per carry offensively at 5.1 (Bengals 21st at 3.9). James Robinson is very capable, and Urban Meyer seems to be carrying his collegiate ground philosophy forward decently well so far. Both of these rankings come with large sample sizes too by the standards of three games. The Jaguars are capable of making this game a close one if they are allowed to sustain long drives with tight ball control on the ground.

Is the passing game on both sides where they've been horrible:

30th in the NFL in yards per pass attempt allowed at 9.3 (Bengals 4th at 6.0) with only one takeaway (1 INT, 0 FR). They're 28th in passer rating allowed at 111.6 (Bengals 6th at 84.7) and 30th in completion percentage allowed at 74.3% (Bengals 19th at 68.2%).

30th in the NFL in yards per pass attempt at 5.7 (Bengals 9th at 8.5) and Lawrence leads the NFL in interceptions thrown with 7 (tied with Zach Wilson). They're 31st in passer rating at 60.3 (Bengals 9th at 105.4) and 32nd in completion percentage at 54.2% (Bengals 7th at 70.7%).

Trevor Lawrence has talent oozing from his pores and shouldn't be taken lightly, but his first few games have definitely been worse than Burrow's first few last year. He has struggled mightily.

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2 hours ago, Wraith said:

We haven't played the Ravens yet.......

Pretty sure the Ravens won't for for 402 this time.

And while we haven't played the Ravens yet, we HAVE played Dalvin Cook and David Montgomery and Najee Harris so let's not pretend that we are beating up on shitty running backs...

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My son and I will be at the game Thursday as well.  We had such a good time at the Vikings game, I'm back to all in with the team.

Funny how football can help turn around things in your life.  It just seems to make everything seem normal again and I really appreciate that !!
Of course the winning doesn't hurt in the least, but I have always enjoyed going to the games and wouldn't miss this one for anything.

That being said, I'm hoping the injury report is kind to us, but to be honest, I don't think it's going to matter.
I think this team is going to be fired up, I think the crowd is going to let them hear it, and I think they handle business in another game they should win.
Beat the teams you are suppose to beat and then onto the next week.

Yes, hoping the give another large dose to Mixon and hope to see Jackson get another start on the line.

WHOOOOOOOOOO Bengals, let kick some names and take some ass !!!
(Yes, Waterboy is hilarious to me)

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Bengals open as 7 point favorites. Were I a betting man, and I’m not because if you can’t afford to lose you can’t afford to play, I might be tempted to take Jax. The Bengals should win, but with all due to respect to yesterday’s effort, blowouts really aren’t their style.

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