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Week 3 2021 - Bengals at Steelers Game Thread

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Mike Hilton has an attitude about his former team, the Steelers.  I don’t know what the issue is/was, but he doesn’t like them.  

In a pretty cool move, Taylor let Hilton (a corner), go out and be part of the victory formation for the kneel down to put the game away.  In your face Pittsburgh.

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12 hours ago, cincyhokie said:

But did you put your keys in the pocket you needed to grab with your free hand without putting the bags down before unlocking and opening the door? If so, grade was accurate. 

Schlage smart lock, I unlock the door with my phone when pulling into the driveway.  It was expensive, but a lot cheaper than moving which I would be forced to do if I brought shame to my family name by taking more than one trip to get the groceries in the house.  

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