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Round 3 Pick: Joseph Ossai, LB, Texas


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With three 4s (and that high 5, which gives them 4 picks in s 38 selection span) they can take 2-3 shots at the OL. Take a flyer on a guy who dropped because of injury or character or small school or whatever. So I don’t think they’re done with OL yet.

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While suiting up for the Longhorns, Ossai started in 24 of the 36 games that he participated in. Possessing a long frame that still has room to grow, he’s an edge rusher that’s still figuring out how to utilize his present tools. Because of his natural athleticism, he spent time seesawing back and forth between off-ball linebacker and defensive end. As a result, he was unable to find his comfort zone while experimenting with both positions. It wasn't until his final season at Texas where he settled in as a true edge rusher. Showing more comfort from the stand-up position, Ossai is an explosive mover and contains lots of enthusiasm throughout multiple parts of his game. A motor that stays flaming hot, he’s able to positively impact plays even if they’re not intended in his direction. As a natural playmaker, he has a knack for being a turnover creator that can get the offense the ball back at crucial moments in games. Having powerful hands, he’s a reactionary rusher that still has room to grow as an initiator with his pass rush moves. Still figuring out how to diagnose and attack run game concepts, he’s continued to improve with the more reps that he’s experienced at a single position. Ossai is raw in pass coverage when asked to drop to certain spots and it’s an area that proves to be one of his biggest deficiencies. 

Ideal Role: Ossai can align as a 3-4 outside linebacker that is used as a spot dropper in coverage. He’s also capable of putting his hand in the dirt as a 5-technique in a four-man defensive front.

Scheme Fit: 3-4 Outside Linebacker

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