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Counting down until Home Opener

September 11, 2022 vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Game Dey!!!

Ravens @ Bengals Game Thread


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3 minutes ago, TJJackson said:

4th and inches, going for a FG......showing no confidence in the OL

Seibert puts it through, now 6/8 on FGs with the misses being 49 or more yards

cant believe they didnt go for it on 4th and inches


Just trying to run out the last 30 minutes of the season with no more injuries.

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Joisey: no more injuries would be a very good thing, especially to our best players (like Higgins)

I gonna root for the Bills in the playoffs....Buffalo is our NFL sister city in many ways...

plus they've never won the big game

I always like the team thats never won it, when a team who hasnt won it makes it to the Super Bowl

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3 minutes ago, TJJackson said:

so many of their plays involve a runner who is never even touched

never even touched

christ, I pray we can keep our defensive starters healthy next year. 

How much do we miss Reader, WJ3, Daniels, Alexander, Waynes.....?

Dunlap, Geno...outside of Hubbard, Lawson, Pratt, Bynes, Alexander and Bates, it's literally a defense of back-up's.  Never seen anything like it.

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2 minutes ago, TJJackson said:

You know, its strange.....the same reason Eason got fired should get Anarumo fired

emphasis on should

Conversely - the excuse of "massive number of starters/stars injured/gone" that will probably mentioned for why Anarumo is retained should also save Eason


TBF they arent competitive in any phase of the game today. If you’re going to ding Lou you also have to go another link up the chain.

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