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Auden Tate May Seek Trade


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Tate is worth keeping.  Ross is basically a bust.  Active last night but caught zero passes on a 61 pass night.  Absolutely does not fight for the ball.  Partly Marvin’s fault.  He hated the pick and did everything he could to marginalize Ross in his first year.  Trade him for anything.  Activate Tate.

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On 9/19/2020 at 7:04 AM, AMPHAR said:

Ross isn’t a factor in this at all.  Last year when Tate was hot, it was Boyd that complained about lack of targets. 

These two are only going see tons of targets together in situations that are injury depleted.  

They fill the same role. 

I don't think it's about targets, rather being active and on the field.  I wish Ross were a factor, because he's useless, Tate is not, they could've used him in the red zone and the only thing Burrow has time for downfield are lob passes to big WR's who aren't open and can grab balls over DB's.  

But yeah I understand Ross is "not a factor" in terms of activating Tate or not, at this point, but, probably should be.

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At this point they have to sell from a strength to repair a weakness.   Tate had 25 snaps and a few targets.     Last year when Tate was the hot hand,  it was Boyd rumbling about targets.   They are the same player used in the same way.

I have no idea about trade markets so therefore I'm going to invent one.  Tyler Boyd or Auden Tate for All-PRO linemen anywhere.

As a whole AJ not a whole lot of targets.  Ross healthy scratch.  Tate healthy scratch this week.   Boyd rumbling about lack of targets last year.   There has to be a trade somewhere to help us keep Burrow standing.



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If it wasn’t clear before, Carlos is in full Dillon/TKO/Ochocinco meltdown mode. Bummer end to a great career here. Time to move him out the door. If they can get anything, great, if not just cut him, it’s not like he’s contributing anything on the field. If they let this fester it will only poison more of the locker room.

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