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2019 last minute mock

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11 - Bush. LB Michigan. Gotta get that LB. 

42 - Layne. CB  Mich state. Push to start outside. 

72 - Wilson. LB Alabama. Starter value 

110 - Cajuste. OT WV new anchor

149 - Moreau. TE LSU  need depth

183 - Rypien. QB Boise st  need arm talent 

198 - Homer. RB Miami  fill the depth pool

210 - Hyatt. OT Clemson depth from quality group  

211 - Connely. LB Wisconsin   Talent and depth  

213 - Denis.  FS Boston College depth

223 - Jones. OG NC st  depth 

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On 4/25/2019 at 6:58 PM, kingwilly said:

11 - Bush. LB Michigan. Gotta get that LB. 

I think the Steeler fans think they somehow got one over on us by jumping up to grab Bush. 

If they think they payed us back for 2016, they're crazy.  We scammed them in that draft by grabbing William Jackson III right in front of them.  He's a damn good corner.  They took a fist-sized wad of skoal out of their mouth long enough to cry and take Artie Burns with the very next pick.  Artie is not good.    

We needed that o-line help anyway.  I'm super happy with Jonah and though I saw a lot of Bush in college I never thought he was a dominant type guy at all.  Time will tell but I think we got the better player one spot lower than the stupid ass Steelers.

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You and I both mentioned how we were not fans of Bush's game.

Even if he does do well in Pittsburgh, that still won't be a true indicator of them getting the best of us.
Seeing as how they run a 3-4 and we run a 4-3, he wouldn't be utilized the same way.  Maybe the 3-4 is a better fit for his skill set.
I simple think it doesn't matter.  It's not a straight apples to apples comparison.

Jackson vs. Burns is straight up and YES, we got the best of that one for sure.

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