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ArmyBengal's 2019 Mock Draft #1

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So right off the bat, my mock draft is predicated off of getting Ju'Wuan James (RT) from the Dolphins and Jordon Hicks (ILB) in free agency.
Just make the move and pay the men to shore up both sides of the ball at a positions of weakness that would otherwise be filled by a rookie.

Noting their may be more changes coming, I would have the o-line looking like this to start:
Glenn, Boling, Price, Hopkins/Westerman, James

Round 1 -  Devin White, ILB, LSU
The defense picks up Jordan Hicks in free agency (Eagles are 18 mil OVER cap) and him and White dominate the middle of our new 3-4 base package.
White is a f*cking beast.  Period.  There's nothing more needing to be said.
Back 4 looks like:  Hubbard, Hicks, White, Lawson
Front 3 looks like:  Dunlap, Billings, Atkins

Round 2 - Irv Smith Jr., TE, Alabama
Don't kill me yet.  No reason to bring back Eifert and damn near every other TE is a free agent.  I think Smith has 1st round talent and we need a TE weapon.
God knows when we have that weapon, Dalton can find them, when looking at what Eifert did in his last healthy season.

Round 3 - Trey Pipkins, LT, Sioux Falls
Sure he's small school, but he will provide not only backup for the o-line, but at the LT spot and can develop as the season goes along.
If Glenn continues with health issues, the Bengals can move on from him with $0 dead cap space hit.

Round 4 - Ta'von Coney, OLB, Notre Dame
We will need back up linebackers with the switch to a 3-4 and Coney would represent good value in the 4th round having been productive at Notre Dame.
Both Preston Brown and Vinny Rey are free agents as well, so doubling up at linebacker is almost a given in my thought process.

Round 5 - Hamp Cheevers, CB, Boston College
Undersized CB for sure, but a ball hawk who can play the slot.  Depending on what happens with Dennard as a free agent, adding a CB is a must.
We could certainly argue that adding a CB sooner would be smart and I wouldn't disagree.  It would depend on how the board fell, as always.

Round 5 (TRADE) - Anthony Nelson, DE, Iowa
The Bengals trade 2 of their 3 sixth round comp picks and get some depth with a very productive Nelson out of Iowa.
Nelson had 13.5 tackles for loss and another 9.5 sacks on the season.  He is also a true 3-4 DE from his time in college.

Round 6 - Kyle Shurmur, QB, Vanderbilt
Driskel still has another year on his contract and while he might not be starter material, he will probably be the backup in 2019.
That being said, adding another arm should be considered and this is good value for Shurmur who threw for 63%, 3130 yards, 24 TD's with 6 INT's.

Round 6 (COMP) - Malcolm Pridgeon, OG, Ohio State
Solid in both the run game and pass protection, I think this would be another good value pick and certainly add some competition at a position of need.

Round 7 - William Sweet, OT, North Carolina
The guy is probably a RT moving forward, but could back up multiple positions and I wouldn't complain about that from a 7th rounder.


OK, that's all I've got at this point.  It's sure to change moving forward, but I wanted to have a little fun and see how things were going to shake out.
That TE pick in the 2nd is sure to irritate some I'm sure.  Oh well...

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If we don’t get Hamp Cheevers and William Sweet, I’ll go on a violent rampage all over Licking County, Ohio.  (Additionally, I’ll trim the Boxwoods on the side of our house the way my wife doesn’t like them to be trimmed, the way I trimmed them when we moved in, resulting in multiple lectures on how to properly trim boxwoods).

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Hamp Cheevers has a baller name.  That name alone won’t let him drop past the middle of the 4th.  Attention Pocket McVay, grab Cheevers in the 4th!

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"Hamp Cheevers" yeah, how can you not love that one ??

On a side note, I hate trimming the boxwoods we have in the landscaping.
They straight piss me off every time I have to deal with them.
Stupid boxwoods and their stupid little leaves.

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