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Reality Check- New Head Coach aside

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After watching this season and this week’s playoffs.

That Mahomes guy- pretty good.   Luck looks unstoppable.

Lots and Lots of underneath passing.

Probably going to need a lot more than new coach:

1. QB?  Can you really see D beating the top AFC QBs in primetime to earn a top seed or in the playoffs whether it be at home or road?  Eh, I dunno.

2. If no change at QB.  Got to beef up the line (of course) but not just to adequate but all the way up road grading monsters.  With Mixon I could see the Bengals holding serve against AFC top QBs. 

3. If no change at QB with road grading Line and Mixon.  Probably going to need fast flowing good tackling hybrid S/LBs.

4. Maybe 1 traditional 4/3 backer to plug middle ala Rey M.   In today’s NFL even the traditional 3 down 4/3 backer will not survive. 

5. Maybe 1 traditional 4/3 block eater on D-line.   Rest need length to swat balls.  Penetration up the middle to not allow QB to set feet.  Anything to make the 5 yard throw less accurate.


That’s how I see it.    Tough to best Luck and Mahomes in the future.  Assume Pats will adapt. 

Mayfiles probably a pain in the ass.

Either match them or shorten the game with Mixon, dominate the ball.   Fight on D with fast/tackling back 7. 

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It is hard to predict the QB future without knowing which coach they are planning to hire.  

Somebody at PBS has a love affair with Dalton or his contract, probably the latter.  But as good a person as Andy Dalton is, and he is one of the nicest, most decent, people I think has ever played pro sports, his playoff and primetime game performances are notorious.  I'd kind of like to see him make one last run with a different coach, one who knows how to prepare for and coach in big games.  Marvin struggled mightily in big games.  

Also, I think the Patriots are very near the end of their run.  They're just out of players.  

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