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Bengals vs Browns - The Race for Last Place


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23-3 Browns to start  the 4th quarter.  How did the Raiders lose so badly to this team again?

Burfict out with another concussion issue, proceeded to angrily push a medical assistant off of him as he walked off the field.  He he has to know it's over.  If not, it should be, you can't keep running him out there, it's pointless, move on.

Kirkpatrick out with a "shoulder" injury.  

O-line is the usual mess of penalties and missed assignments/confusion.  Some good run blocking here and there, but awful pass protection consistently.

Not sure what happened to Gio, just isn't the same, used to be good for at least one big play a game, can't remember the last time he did that this season.

I just assume they finish 6-10 and maybe get into the top 10 of the draft with some help, maybe higher if enough bad teams win a couple of their games (quite possible).

Game is boring as hell, as expected, with so many starters out.


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2 hours ago, AMPHAR said:

I hope the Browns keep Greg Williams.  That guy looks like a super douche. 

No way he wins anything significant before getting fired. 

I have a feeling the Browns will look elsewhere. But it won't surprise me if they did hire Williams. It would be a Browns-like move to do so. 

This roll the Browns are on is much of an illusion. Sure they are playing better but their wins lately have been the Bengals twice, the Falcons, and the Broncos. Give teams a full year to prepare for them in 2019 and it won't be a lock for the playoffs like many of their fans are expecting.

Baker Mayfield is the QB version of Rex Ryan. While he's a good QB, his hubris will get the best of him and it'll be interesting to see how he reacts to a full season when the Browns aren't catching teams with their pants down. But hey, welcome back to the NFL, Cleveland. You only spent 20 years taking a shit.

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