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Lamar Jackson really struggled in the playoffs, aside from junk time #'s and scrambling - 52% CP, 63 QB rating,  1 TD 2 INT's passing, a measley 6.2 ypa.

Study that Tenn playoff film Zac, and when you play the Ravens from now on,  make him beat you from the pocket with his arm.

There's a reason Rodgers closed-out that game vs the Seahawks - he can stand back there and drop one on a dime under pressure 25 yards downfield and win games in big, pressure-cooker moments, he's not missing open guys on underneath routes or scrambling when his initial reads are covered too tightly for him. 

It's why I thought Tannehill would do well in the playoffs too - doesn't turn it over, can deliver from the pocket - just provide him a great defense and running game.  

And it's why I loathed Dalton for so long, just doesn't have that make-up to carry a team when they need him to, or close-out games against top teams.

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