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Week 11 - Ravens Talk

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2 hours ago, BengalszoneBilly said:

Bengals on TV tonight? Called in "sick" to work to make sure I don't miss a snap.

NFL Network, I would imagine. It's the only game and it is national. 

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Here's a few comments from ravens fans on purpleflock forum :-

I have this game as an L. Usually when we kick ass in our season opener at home, we follow it up by an underwhelming performance the following week on our road (especially Flacco). Lo and behold, we play in the one place where Flacco struggles the MOST. Speaking of which, has he ever had a good game in Cinci?


I’m worried about our run game vs cinci, and I’m worried about what they do to us with the RBs in the passing game and eifert. I’m worried mixon and gio could both go apeshit vs our defense trough the air


I’m just gonna be realistic here. Cinci is gonna be real tough on Thursday. It’s gonna be a slugfest. With that being said,


The Ravens are gonna need to mix it up in order to win this game. Historically, Joe Flacco does poorly in Cincinnati. The running backs can control the game if they get a push up front. That being said, I think it’ll be tough to get the run going. 
Luck threw about 50 times, but only sacked twice. I don’t wanna see Flacco throwing 50 times. Not even 40 times


It's a pretty even mindset with the crows fans, losing in a close one or winning easy  

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So Preston Brown is inactive tonight ?? Uh oh !!!

On top of that, both Ogbuehi and Westerman are inactive yet again. Surprising that both are considering what we saw against Indy.

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