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Preseason Game 3 - Bengals vs. Bills


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The next game is this coming Sunday at 4pm and again on the road against the Bills.

So as most know, game 3 is thought of as the "dress rehearsal" and the starters take more snaps.
I would honestly rather see them take about the same or even less.  Why risk it ??

Come out of it with no injuries and I will call it a win.

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3 minutes ago, ShulaSteakhouse said:

Ross, wide open on 3rd down, drops pass.  That said, no reason Dalton had to throw it so hard and on his back shoulder pad and make it tough. 

Ross saw nothing but open field in front of him and lost his mind for a second. He catches that, he's still running.

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11 minutes ago, BengalszoneBilly said:

I'm still not sold on this running game.

The run game is terrible, the only way I feel the bengals can be something is with a strong defense and run game. Dalton trying to pass 40 sometimes is not going to cut it at all. Need that run game!

One huge bright spot is Billings is a beast, as is all of this pass rush!

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