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It's official...the NFL and the broadcast networks think the Bengals will suck in 2018

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and that Thursday night is NFL Network only. I HAVE NEVER watch Bengals Thursday game because it is ALWAYS on NFL Network and I don't have that channel.

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11 hours ago, Wraith said:

One Thursday night game, no Monday, no Sunday night.

I know this is carry over from my excessive irritation of hearing Marvin was coming back as the coach, but in knowing that fact the networks probably just figured the Bengals won't be prepared and the games will suck.
Why bother putting a team into a primetime game you know they won't be ready for it.  The only thing worse than that would be having them in primetime after a bye week.

Colts- 35
Bengals- 17

Hell, I don't even want to watch this team in a primetime game.

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