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2018 season

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Pick up, dust off, get ready to go again.

Whatever happens with the coaching carousel will all be revealed in the fullness of time. Whoever we take in the draft and whoever we lose/gain in free agency it will be what it will be.


But we do know who our opponents will be next season :-

Pittsburgh (13-3 AFCN champs, 2017 play offs)

Baltimore (9-7 second in AFCN)

Cleveland (0-16 fourth in AFCN)

Miami (6-10 third in AFCE)

Indianapolis (4-12 third in AFCS)

Kansas City (10-6 AFCW champs, 2017 play offs)

L.A. Chargers (9-7 second in AFCW)

Oakland (6-10 third in AFCW)

Denver (5-11 fourth in AFCW)

New Orleans (11-5 NFCS champs 2017 play offs)

Carolina (11-5 second NFCS 2017 play offs)

Atlanta (10-6 third NFCS 2017 play offs)

Tampa Bay (5-11 fourth NFCS)

We play 7 teams with 2017 winning records, and 5 teams that made the play offs. If the home/away schedule is good to us we could potentially have a fair shout next season, all things being equal.

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I'd feel a bit more optimistic if I knew for certain that Marvin has packed up and left, but the fucker lingers like a stinky fart in an unventilated room.

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8 minutes ago, ArmyBengal said:


I see somewhere between another 7-9 to and a 10-6 season which can bounce up or down a couple of games due to home/away fixtures, coaching changes(or not), draft, and free agency departures/arrivals.

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Pittsburgh (13-3), Baltimore (9-7), Cleveland (0-16), Denver (5-11),  Oakland (6-10),  New Orleans (11-5),  Tampa Bay (5-11), Miami (6-10)



Pittsburgh (13-3), Baltimore (9-7), Cleveland (0-16), Kansas City (10-6), L.A. Chargers (9-7), Atlanta (10-6), Carolina (11-5),  Indianapolis (4-12)

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20 hours ago, kingwilly said:

On a business note, I found this interesting:


Maybe Katie (pumpkin) can do a book report on this. 


This actually sounds like something Mike would do.  In spite of our completely legitimate lack of respect for some of the football strategic decisions Mike makes, he does care very much about the experience of the fans who come to games.  And I think he is mindful, to a degree, of the affordability of the game experience for regular families who want to attend a game.  

For instance, if you take your family to a game, your 9 year-old will love the dog riding monkeys flying all over the field at halftime, your wife will appreciate that you can sit in an alcohol-free family zone, and your 14 year-old son will like watching the Ben-Gal cheerleader who is also his 8th grade math teacher and who he doinked in the staff parking lot after the science fair that one weekend.  

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