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Counting down until Home Opener

September 11, 2022 vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Game Dey!!!

Fantasy Football


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Oooooh ... I've been graded a "D" and predicted to go 0-14 over the season finishing 12th out of 12.

Gotta love a challenge to prove them wrong !!!

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Well my first live draft had 1 ,major hiccup. I had Peterson up in the que and was researching my second round hopeful (Forte). When the draft started, I looked up saw Peterson in the que and picked the highlighted player I was researching(Forte). Im a total idiot. Other than that Im happy with my team.

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Pick six made me feel comfortable with my decision of benching vick....That drive makes me feel like im gonna regret doing that....then I realize I made the right caLL Chiefs defense is scary.

Don't know how much of it is a scary Chiefs defense or a completely overblown and overrated Eagles offense.

Sure, they looked good against Washington, but the skins are looking pretty pathetic at the moment, so I'm not giving it much credence.

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