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Da Bears @ Da Boys

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In case anyone is watching...if Cutler is having one of his bad days, this could get ugly.

It seems Romo is the one destined for a bad day. :lol:

Nah. They just made RomoHulk mad.

I suggest the Bears keep making Romo mad. He just keeps giving the Bears pick sixes. Even Carson Palmer is sitting at home shaking his head at Romo saying "dude..."

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The cowboys look horrible. They look like they barely care about playing football.

I can really see Jerra firing his boy genius after this season, and hiring boy genius 2.0, aka our offensive coordinator Jay Gruden. It fits Jerra perfectly. Hot young coordinator, not a big mountain of experience that would allow him to block Jerra's various team-destroying activities, and a built in crapload of media coverage because of who his brother is. Jerra won't be able to resist!

Now someone clean my glasses.

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