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Dale Jr. finally ends his drought.

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At almost 4 years to the day Junior finds victory lane again.



I just wish he had done it last week when I had him on my fantasy team! Speaking of which all the success I had last season is no where to be found in this one. Guess I used it all up. Here's where we stand after Michigan...

1 Bill's Team 3,889

2 JAB's Go Daddy Race Team 3,819

3 Billy's Intimidators 3,808

4 Dashing Dogs 3,758

5 HittheWal 3,745

6 jrs junk 3,736

7 ham grenade 3,639

8 Kenseth Rules 3,434

I'm not out of it, but it's going to be a tough row to hoe to win the championship here again.

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