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Chad Ochocinco's Big Adventure


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Not interested in having Chad retire as a Bengal. He spit in the organization's face about ten different ways. He attacked a coach at halftime of a playoff game, probably a contributing factor to us losing that game. He is just another selfish player, a diva at a position that is full of divas. When you can stand out in that way, you are truly a mess. Just let him retire and quietly fade away.

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Fun fact from Hobson: with Hines Ward and Derrick Mason retiring, Chad is now the most accomplished receiver the Bengals will face this season. :huh:

The follow on to that should have been, "When was the last time he accomplished anything as a WR ??"

Whatever he did in the past, no longer gives me concern to face him come this season.

My money is on our secondary.

If he comes across the middle (yeah right) I'd like to start a collection to pay the fine for Rey laying him the f*ck out !!!

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Fun fact from Hobson: with Hines Ward and Derrick Mason retiring, Chad is now the most accomplished receiver the Bengals will face this season. :huh:

I dont think we face him at all unless they really lose a lot of WRs to injury

I think they keep him through Hard Kicks and ticket selling season, then he's gone

One might suspect they'd keep him for his inside knowledge of the Patriots playbook, but he demonstrated he had no such knowledge while he was with NE, so I doubt that

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Let's say you are a player on the Miami Dolphins, and you have to spend a lot of time in close proximity to the 90 or so other guys on the team, including showering (its a dirty sweaty business)

Then let's say your newest teammate describes his relationship with the rest of the team as being like "Brokeback Mountain"

How ya feelin immediately after this little tidbit?

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In regards to Chad, even though I know there was a time I felt he took a big sh*t on the fans, he no longer really bothers me.

Minus him popping off at the mouth about the Bengals, i've got no more F*CK YOU's for him.

I'm almost hoping he does well in Miami.

Bottomline for me is, we got more from New England for Chad than we probably could have hoped for and he is no longer a thought for us.

I'm hoping to make it to the Miami game and I wouldn't boo him.

Anyone else have thoughts on that ??

On the other hand, I will be at the Raiders game and I will boo and talk sh*t about Carson with every ounce of breath I can muster until the minute I leave the stadium. He now is the main target of my f*ck you's !!!

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Oh Chad what an idiot. Really head butting your wife, hell they have not even been married that long. If this is all true, i just have to wonder what kind of future he has anymore in the NFL.

Over a reciept for a box of rubbers!

Johnson and his wife, Evelyn Lozada, were at dinner and she confronted him about a receipt she had found for a box of condoms, said Davie police Capt. Dale Engle. The argument got heated and continued on the drive home, he said.

When they arrived in their driveway in Davie, the 34-year-old Johnson head-butted Lozada, she told police. Lozada, who is on the reality show, ''Basketball Wives,'' was treated at a hospital for a cut to her forehead, Engle said.


I guess that marriage is done, but I have to give Chad credit for using protection. He could be like so many other professional sports players who have eight kids by eight different mothers. Oh, one more thing. My wife looked over my shoulder as I posted this and asked why he looked so good in his suit, and she was dressed in a garbage bag! :lol:

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Chad could kill the whole cast and crew of every "Real Housewives" show and I wouldn't care. He could take out their audience while he's at it.

Absolutely agree. In common terminolgy it's called cleaning out the bottom of the gene pool.

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