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The positives in the 2010 season

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We all know how disappointing 2010 was.. but I see a lot of bright spots in our season. A lot of the younger guys were able to develop. Here are some of the good things that I noticed that we have going for us heading into next season:

-Dunlap had 9.5 sacks, all in the second half of the season.

-Pat Sims and the other young guys who came in to replace our D-line really improved

-Andre Smith finally got some good playing time, even though he got reinjured again

-Reggie Nelson started to pick it up in the last week, with a forced fumble and an INT. couple hard hits as well

-Bernard Scott looked good, even though he was underplayed

-We get the 4th pick overall (why... when we lost to the bills. I thought we'd get third)

-No idea what changes Marvin tried to make, but hopefully they will really help the team

-Jermaine Gresham was leading all rookies in receptions in believe?

-Shipley looked great

-Jerome Simpson.

Add that to a healthy Jonathan Joseph and Pacman. No TO distraction and hopefully no Bratkowski and I think we can have a solid team next year. Kind of the way we had a 4-11-1 team before sweeping our division last year. Oh yeah and we have a MUCH easier schedule next year.


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The biggest positive to me is that despite this team doing everything in its power to throw games away, they were still in the majority of them near the end. Even with 5 turnovers against the Ravens, they still had a chance to win. Even after being down however many points to Atlanta, they caught back up. So on and so forth.

This team isn't as far away from winning as most people like to think.

Of course, all of the sloppiness that we witnessed seems to point to coaching, and we'll just have to wait and see whether or not there's going to be any improvement in that area next season. Still, it's better than what we've gone through in the past where the level of talent on the team was so low that no level of coaching was going to make any difference.

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