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Smart players = Success?


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So I just saw that Eric 'Sleeping with the' Bieniemy was the RB coach for the Vikings and just took the job as OC for the Colorado Buffaloes and it got me to thinking.

It seems like many of the best players in Bengals history, seemed to have a lick of sense to them and have later found jobs in either coaching or the broadcast booth.

Just to name a few: Munoz, Boomer, Wilcots, Lapham, Ken Anderson, Krumrie, Collingsworth, Trumpy, ...I am sure there are some I am leaving out...I don't think it is any coincidence that so many guys came from a time when the Bengals had success.

Personally I don't see any brainiacs on the current Bengals roster.

FYI: Carson scored a 26 on the Wonderlic test. Eli Manning scored a 39, Phillip Rivers a 30, Tony Romo a 37. On a side note Drew Brees only scored a 28 and Peyton Manning a 28 as well. Not real sure what to take from this other than the fact that Peyton Manning and Brees might be a lot more Football smart than book smart.

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Well, you're certainly forgetting the great Pat McInally, who got himself a perfect score. Ryan Fitzpatrick also did well, if you want to give him credit for his short stay in Cincinnati.

It's an interesting test, with a number of variants. Some seem like they'd predict aptitude better than others. For a football player, I don't care about the math puzzles. If it's a QB, I'm interested in logic and strategy-based questions. For anybody else, I just want to make sure they're not 1) dumb as a brick, 2) bad at dealing with test pressure, or 3) blowing off the combine process. I'm looking at you two, Vince Young and Andre Smith.

I checked out the Wiki site, and it had Wonderlic scores by position. Interestingly, OL got the highest averages. Didn't see that coming, but I guess with the blocking schemes it makes some sense. RB got the lowest, which was predictable.

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Yes McInally is the only player to score a perfect 50. Fitzy did ok for being a Harvard grad with a 38. Here is a link to a Website with several QB scores: QB Wonderlic Scores.

Some that may not surprise you:

Tavaris Jackson- 19

Vince Young- 15

Marcus Vick- 11

Seneca Wallace- 14

Heath Shuler- 16

Jeff George- 10

Kordell Stewart- 13.5

Some that may REALLY surprise you:

Dan Marino- 15

Jim Kelly- 15

Randall Cunningham- 15

Brett Favre- 22

David Klingler- 30 (Really?)

Ryan Leaf- 27

Donovan McNabb- 14

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One of the brightest players to ever don a Bengals uniform is Tommy Casanova. After graduating medical school he has served in the Louisiana legislature while building a successful medical practice. Securing a job in a booth is not always indicative of intelligence but graduating medical school usually is.

True, just like Reggie Williams was able to become a prominent political figure in Cincinnati, BUT a job in the booth usually does translate to football IQ.

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