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PFW Article: The Bungles Are Back

Nothing earth-shattering here, as far as what we already know, but it's nice to hear NFL people/scouts, quoted in this case. You just don't get anything worthwhile from the local media, unless you like listening to long snapper's talking about their high school days on 1530's show, or John Thornton pontificate about the most obvious things etc.., (in other words, fluff)

Quotes I found interesting:

"Why does (DRT) Tank Johnson play on first down? I have no idea," the exec said. "He gets his butt kicked. But can he rush the passer? Yes. Who thinks Tank Johnson could play the run, I don't know, but they play the wrong guys at the wrong times way too much.

"They should let (DT Pat) Sims and (DT Domata) Peko play the run on first and second down and let (DT Geno) Atkins and Johnson rush. They should let (DEs) Frostee (Rucker) and (Robert) Geathers play on first down, and let Johnson and (DE Carlos) Dunlap rush on third down.

- I remember wondering a few games ago, why Tank Johnson plays much at all, he's terrible at this point, but apparently a favorite of his coordinator possibly. Pat Sims should be a 3-down player.

"A big problem is (ORT) Andre Smith, (ORG) Bobbie Williams and (OLG) Nate Livings — they are not very good," the personnel exec said of the Bengals' offensive line. "(C Kyle) Cook and (OLT Andrew) Whitworth are OK, but collectively, that is a bad group."

-- Simply reaffirms what I said and felt going into the season, and why they couldn't beat playoff caliber teams at the end of last season. Their o-line stinks across the board, with only Whit being an average NFL OT. Have fun working with Andre Smith and upgrading that entire 0-line in one off-season, it won't happen here. And oh yeah the o-line coach still can't develop anybody.

"This is the last year of Marvin's deal, and it shows," one veteran talent evaluator told PFW. "He's a lame duck. It looks like he has lost the locker room. The players know, and they're just not laying it on the line."

-- Fairly obvious to most. Yesterday was a good example of a team just quitting and not caring. Marvin could at least make more of an effort to right the ship, but he seems to be just cashing it in and ready to move on.

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