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Last night's loss hurt more than you think!


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Things just got tougher!

Loss guarantees Reds will start playoffs on road

CINCINNATI - Casey McGehee hit a grounder off second baseman Brandon Phillips in the 11th inning, driving in Corey Hart and sending the Milwaukee Brewers to a 4-3 victory last night that ensured the Reds will begin the playoffs on the road.

With one out and runners on the corners, McGehee hit a bouncer up the middle that caromed off Phillips' chest and into short center field.

Phillips said he was screened by second-base umpire Mike DiMuro. It was ruled an error but changed to a hit by the official scorer after the game."Once I saw it, it was almost past me," Phillips said.

The Reds needed a win to maintain any hope of finishing the regular season with the second-best record among the league's three division champions. Now, Cincinnati will open its playoff series at top-seeded Philadelphia or the winner of the NL West.

Read the rest here.

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It also didn't appear that the Reds were resting people either, with the only Janish getting the start at SS as the only position letting someone sit. Travis pitched a pretty good game for the most part and even though I didn't watch the game, with all the pitchers they went through in that game, it appears they were bringing in pitchers to get certain guys out.

I could be wrong, but it appears it just wasn't their night.

To bad, but they just need to keep it going for a coupe more game and stay focused...

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Giants win today makes it official: Reds travel to Philly for the first round of the playoffs on Wednesday.

Honestly that's the way I'd prefer it. Go after the big dog first.

If you're gonna be somebody, you gotta beat somebody.

I agree. Get em early before they get a chance to get on a roll. Win Game 1 and put the pressure on the Phillies. For some reason, the four extra inning losses before the All-Star break give me hope that we can beat these guys.

This scenario reminds me of 1990 and the series against the A's. Nobody gave that team a chance either.

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The goal is to win one of the two games in Philly; then you can absorb the momentum of an enthusiastic home crowd who hasn't cheered on a playoff game in 15 yrs and try to ride that to a sweep. I think that's doable. I see a series where we give them a run, make them sweat bullets...and then lose big in game 5

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