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ArmyBengal's Pre-FA Mock

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Obviously, this is pretty early and a pre-free agent look at things, but I would like to see something like this.

Also, there are some positions that could be addressed in FA that I didn't address in the mock (CB, DE, for example).

I was going to provide different options for a mock as well realizing we could go a few different ways come draft time, but I'll stick with this.

1st Round

Mike Iupati, GUARD, Idaho (6'6, 330)- I have yet to hear anything overwhelming about either Mathis or Livings that would make this a bad pick. He is a mauler in the run game and is excellent at pass protection as well. Also has the versatility to play the tackle postition and would provide some insurance for an aging Bobbie Williams. If they don't bring Bobbie back, I want this to be the pick even more. If we wait, give me Mike Johnson out of Alabama in the 2nd or Asamoah in the 4th.

2nd Round

Nate Allen, SAFETY, S. Florida (6'2, 206)- If Mays were to fall in the first then everything could change, but I still think Mays is gone by our pick in the first and Allen is an underrated safety prospect that I think will move up the boards come combine time and beyond. He's fast, physical, and has good ball skills. Even if we bring Roy Williams back, I think the safety position needs to get someone in to prepare for when he leaves. I like the thought of Myron Rolle as a flyer in the 4th if we should wait.

3rd Round

Mike Williams, WR, Syracuse (6'2, 205)- This one might spark some debate, but I've simply accepted the fact the Bengals will keep going after questionable guys in the draft. The way I view this is, if we don't address the WR spot in the first, there's simply not much left that provides the type of player the Bengals offense needs. We need what Henry was to this team in a tall, fast guy that can spread the field and give the deep threat we didn't have much of this year. If not this guy, give me Damian Williams out of USC in the first, but I really don't want a WR in the first round.

4th Round

LaMarr Houston, DT, Texas (6'3, 300)- The DT spot could use another body. Does Tank come back ?? Does Sims come back from surgery better or does he play like he did this season, which I thought looked unmotivated ?? Peko is a mainstay, but I'm just skeptical of the depth behind him. Houston provides some more beef and has been very productive from the DT spot for the Longhorns 13.5 TFL and 5 sacks this season. We could also take a DT in the first and then I could see Cody or maybe Price. I wouldn't mind Jared Odrick from Penn State in the 2nd either if we go earlier.

4th Round Comp

Dennis Pitta, TE, BYU (6'5, 250)- While I'm guessing at the comp picks, I just threw one in here and took a position if not addressed in FA, could be addressed in the draft. Pitta has been a monster catching the ball (82 rec. on 1072 yards) and thinking about him and Coffman in 2 TE sets would be very nice. I suppose you could easily make the argument for a rush DE (although I still like Michael Johnson without much thought) or maybe a CB for the nickel packages and I won't give much of a rebuttal.

5th Round

Leigh Tiffin, K, Alabama (6'2, 212)- Go get the best kicker out there and don't look back, sort of like last year with Huber. Nothing else to add.

6th Round

Dan LeFevour, QB, Cent. Michigan (6'3, 230)- Carson lite's gimme has run it's course and I like the thought of at least having a QB on the roster that can actually develop as oppose to taking space. LeFevour is a big guy who is accurate, can run the ball well for a QB, and had a great TD/INT ratio through his college career. He will need to learn the pro offense, but like I said, develop.

7th Round

Stafon Johnson, RB, USC, (6'0, 215)- I can't really say as I'm real concerned about who our 7th rounder may or may not be and can only say this kid intrigues me. Before the weight lifting accident many thought he was the best back in the USC backfield. I suppose you can think FB here, but there aren't many that stand out to me and if Jeremi stays in shape, he's starting.

I really do think there are a multitude of different way the team can go come draft day and that's why I added some names after the fact. It wouldn't surprise me to see either a WR, Safety, Guard, or DT taken in the first, so there are many options. I actually like the way the draft is stacking up for the Bengals and their position.

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I like it,Though if were flushing a 7th! down the toilet( wow I've only been complaining about 7th rounders) I'd Rather take a shot at Defensive End or Cornerback where they actually have a chance unseating the lowest spot on the depth Chart...Running Back to me is just a Camp Body and can be addressed with UDFA's...

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I like it as well. I would like it better with a CB for depth at the 4B spot. Hall and Joseph both stayed healthy all year, will that happen again? If, not the CB depth is lacking. I'm still hoping that they go get a vet TE in FA.

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