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I have a lot of talent at RB in my one league. I have Cadillac Williams, Adrian Peterson, Steve Slatton, and Ray Rice. I don't have much as the way of wr. I don't plan on trading AP for obvious reasons, but I was wondering who do you think would be fair value for any of the other 3 as wr go.

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one has roddy white, santonio homes, and roy williams.

one has steve smith, anquon boldin, and vincent jackson.

one has tj and hines ward...

those are the teams i have a best shot at working a trade with.

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On our work fantasy football league here at work, I traded Santonio Holmes to get Brandon Jacobs.

I was stacked at WR and one of my RB's took a hit.

I don't know if that helps you, but agree that it all depends on what the other person has/needs to make trades happen.

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Well, It really depends on who those other teams with receivers have as RB's. Honestly, Cadillac Williams is probably at his highest value after week 1. If you pull a trade for a WR, I'd try to do it now, before he gets hurt( I know, thats mean) but Tampa will also be giving a lot of carries to Derrick Ward. Dump him before his stock drops. Keep AP obviously, and Slaton and Rice should have good #'s.

I just cant see Carnell "Cadillac" Williams staying healthy all season. I can see him having a great first month, but after that..................?????????

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That's just the thing though, most people are going to have the same opinion on Williams and won't be willing to give a better WR you are looking for to get in return a step away from injury RB.

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Please rate the following trade that I made in one of my leagues.

I traded Matt Cassell and Derrick Johnson for Carson Palmer

It is a 16 team league. We use individual defensive players and we are only allowed to start two LB's at a time. I have David Harris, Jon Beason, and Shawn Merriman so Johnson was expendable. My backup QB is Mark Sanchez. We get points for Kick return yards and receptions and the rest of my roster is as follows:

WR- Eddie Royal

WR- Andre Caldwell

WR- Laverneus Coles

WR- Steve Breaston

WR- Ted Ginn

TE- Jason Witten

TE- Jon Carlson

RB- Matt Forte

RB- Ryan Grant

RB- Cedric Benson

K- Robbie Gould


DB- Josh Wilson

LB- Jon Beason

LB- David Harris

LB- Shawn Merriman

DT- Shaun Rodgers

DE- Tambi Hali

DE- Adewale Ogunleye

DE- Alex Brown

S- Brandon Merriweather

CB- Leon Hall

CB- Brandon McDonald

I was going to add Abram Elam once I made the trade.

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