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That's funny, I heard the movie drug on, was to long, and boring. I didnt' see it, but that's what I heard...

I went in knowing it was almost 3 hours long. I personally felt it was a perfect length since i knew nothing of this super hero universe, and they did well at introducing everyone.

The way i see it is the first hour introduces you to the background of this universe then the last 2 hours are spent on the main storyline. I felt it was done well. It didn't drag on like The Dark Knight, thats for damn sure. Felt much shorter.

Also plenty of action and Sin-City like deaths.

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So is this a see at the movies, or a wait until DVD?

Why take the risk? I waited for the spartan epic "300" to finally show up on one of the premier television channels and when it finally arrived I eagery watched it, and promptly blew out two of my home surround sound speakers.

Seeing it at the theatre would have been much cheaper, right?


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