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ArmyBengal's Pre-Free Agency Mock Draft


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Ok, this is looking at this prior to seeing how free agency is going to shake out, so I still see it as to early to tell...

I also am doing the top 5 prior to the Bengals to explain a little of my round one pick.

#1 Lions - Matt Stafford, QB, Georgia - I really don't think there is a better way to start off a new look to a franchise who fired d*mn near all coaching and management. They have another 1st and then the top pick in the second to build the o-line. TAKE THE FRANCHISE QB and move on.

#2 Rams - Eugene Monroe, OT, Virginia - The Rams have to improve the play of the o-line and with Pace getting older Monroe is an easy pick for the Rams.

#3 Chiefs - Mark Sanchez, QB, USC - Many believe Thigpen to be the answer in KC, but I disagree. Thigpen was in the bottom 1/4 in the league with comp%, yards, and INT's (to the bad). Of his 230 completions, only 32 went for more than 20 yards. I just view him as more of a backup and think Sanchez will be the better pro to build their team around.

#4 Seahawks - Michael Crabtree, WR, Texas Tech - I just can't see the Seahawks passing up on taking one of the best WR's coming out in recent memory and being able to address such a glaring hole in their offense.

#5 Browns - Malcolm Jenkins, CB, Ohio State - People think this is a lock to be Curry and I just don't see it. They have depth at the LB position and just had a couple injuries last year that will be back in 2009. Now, the CB position was just painful to watch last season and directly contributed to their extreme level of SUCK. The CB position HAS to be addressed and the level of talent falls off to much to wait.


ROUND #1 -- Aaron Curry, LB, Wake Forest (6'3, 250)

Many would go with Andre Smith here and that pick wouldn't bother me in the least. However, with the concerns arising in Smith and sticking with the best player available, Curry becomes the pick here. I think they are more than willing to stick with Dhani in the middle and be more than happy with Rivers and Curry on the outside. Zimmer will turn this defense into a top 10 unit will relative ease. Oh yeah, he's also listed as the top inside linebacker as well, so there's more versatility for you...

ROUND #2 -- Max Unger, C, Oregon (6'5, 305)

Once again, this is assuming there is no movement in free agency and not considering a possible trade up into the bottom of the first to get Mack. Unger is VERY versatile on the o-line and is noted for being stout at the point of attack, something Mr. Guychick hasn't been. I would love to see this pick open up after getting Jason Brown in free agency, but we are where we are at this point.

ROUND #3 -- Fenuki Tupou, OT, Oregon (6'6, 330)

An absolute beast of a right tackle that I could see being a nice fit for us. Andrews is beat up and I would be happy in NOT seeing him come back next season. I also think they are going to roll the dice with Levi and Collins at LT. Tupou can also play some guard, so again, versatility is a good thing. Running mates with Unger, so there would already be a familiar tone to things for them right off the bat as well.

ROUND #4 -- Devin Moore, RB, Wyoming (5'10, 192)

Blazing speed and if we do resign Benson, he would make a great change of pace guy who can catch out of the backfield. He also has kick return skills as well and seeing him and Caldwell taking kicks would be nice. If he runs some crazy 4.3, 40 at the combine, he may be gone before the 4th.

ROUND #4 (Comp) -- Mark Parson, CB, Ohio (5'10, 193)

I'm going to stick with my earlier mock and pick the same here with the comp pick. Same comments as well. Not huge, but not small either and is very strong

(18 reps of 225). All reports call him a "seldom beat man to man corner". His 4.3 speed coupled with his noted leadership and intelligence will be a nice addition to a position I see as weak after Hall and JJoe.

ROUND #5 -- Kevin Huber, P, Cincinnati (6'1, 220)

This may be to high to draft a punter when Larson is under contract, but they said they were going to bring in some competition a the position and if they really want Huber, they will have to go get him in the 5th because I think he will be gone in the 6th. If they don't SPECIFICALLY want Huber here, I say go with a situational pass rusher at defensive end. Someone like Willie VanDeSteeg out of Minnesota who had some trouble, but had a knack for getting to the QB with 10.5 sacks and 19 TFL.

ROUND #6 -- Jasper Brinkley, MLB, South Carolina (6'2, 265)

This guy had a nasty knee injury, but has come back nicely and been a highly regarded MLB. With NOTHING after Dhani, I like the idea of drafting him here in the 6th. He was thought to be a first or second round pick prior to the injury and can move for his size. He had a solid season for the Gamecocks. Once again, I like the size of this guy and don't want to see anymore Caleb Miller's drafted.

ROUND #7 -- Jorvorski Lane, FB, Texas A&M (6'0, 285)

There are a few guys that could help us out and I have absolutely no issues seeing a FB drafted here in the 7th as it's a position of need and we stand to get whomever the coaching staff views as the best FB in the draft, instead of hoping they choose to come to the Bengals as an UDFA. Lane is a MONSTER of a fullback who will just pound the ball at the goal line. Think a bigger Jerome Bettis, but quicker. He was #3 in 2006 with 19 TD's and tied for #12 in 2007 with 16 TD's. He was given a 4th round ranking as a junior and decided to go back for his senior year. There was a coaching change and he was lost in the new mix of things.

If we get a comp in the 7th, who cares ?? Maybe they will be able to push a practice squad player for a spot on that roster...

I will do another after seeing where we stand when free agency is over.

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