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Steelers pound the Bengals thread


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I know it's a bit early but let's get this party started. Start with the facts

#1 Palmer out

#2 We're starting Ryan

#3 TJ is questionable (Ankle injury)

#4 Graham may not play (groin injury)

#5. Ocho no show hasn't played a game this year. Yea he's been on the field but hasn't performed. Who can stop 85? The answer is; Everybody so far this year.

#6 Fumble master Perry will probably get the rock 20 plus times

#7 The last time the Bengals beat the Steelers in Cincinnati was back in 2001; 26-23 OT win. The Steelers lead the series 45-30; we've never beat them in a playoff game!

#8. Steelers will have home field advantage eventhough it's in our back yard. That's a shame.

I believe that our def will come to play but will filter out in the 3rd quarter. Off, we won't get past the 50; 3 and out all day. Out come 28-0. Not even sure if I'll waste my time watching this one. Have qa great day fellow Bengal fans!

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big ben is hurting, though. yeah, that's nothing unusual, but this time around he's got an injury list. i swear, were he to get a concussion they'd give him a tylenol and send him back out. imagine the lifetime of pain this man will be in after he's retired. yeah, there's a reason these guys buy ranch style homes after the game is done with them.

anyway, willie parker is out for them. tj and holt are expected to play.

yesterday's paper had the line at 9 1/2.

winning streaks are made to be broken, sometimes by down-and-out teams with nothing to lose. with nothing to lose, why not play benson more? huh? huh? yeah, right....

love him or hate him, i expect to see more throws to henry (who will be arrested while playing). ohno loco is still a threat, albeit mostly relegated to having to develop ways to contain him. he'll certainly pick up a couple ten yard dumps here and there.

hines ward will be fined $25,000 for parking in a handicapped zone. funny, that, considering he didn't drive....

graham not playing isn't the end of the world.

true dat, bengals won't have home field advantage. but, neither will the squeelers. advantage nil.

who knows, fitz may have a breakout game. it's possible, right?

i heard they've rescinded their stance, 'we're not going to win a game until obama is elected!' which is good, i think, don't you?

hm, could be a long day. can't throw, can't run. what's left other than trick plays? i expect to see this year's popular trick, the reverse. maybe even a shovel pass. brat probably isn't looking at a wildcat offense thing, which at this point wouldn't be a bad idea, imo. i mean, why not?

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