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Interesting Free Agency


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The Sporting News which I received last Thursday, Feb. 28, 08.

In this weeks Sporting News it gives Free agency needs for each team and what kind of spender they'll be. Says we need impact players up front to protect a young secondary. With Smith expected to leave and Thornton wearing down, a tackle and end must be added. Depth at linebacker is another need. The Bengals would benefit from bring back MLB Landon Johnson and FS Madieu Williams. Players that they said could help are DT Randy Starks, DE Bo Schoebel. LBs Kevin Bentley, Rocky Boiman, Na'il Diggs, and Victor Hobson. Also say if price was right Alge Crumpler. (NO THANKS)

Cincinnati will be a moderate spender

Baltmore will be a Tightwad

Pittsburg will be a Tight wad

Cleveland will be a Spendthrift.

WHAT, Cincy is predicated to outspend Baltimore and Pittsburgh this year. Boy, they hit the nail on the head expecting Cleveland to blow a wad of money on FA didn't they.

Just thought it was interesting that most of the FA they had us targeting are already gone.

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